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School Ambassadors

School Ambassadors are a group of students who are elected by their classmates to represent their views with the ultimate aim of the continued improvement of our school.

The School Ambassadors at Ravenshall perform an important role within our school community.  They represent the Pupil Voice and it is a real opportunity for students to get more involved in the way school is run.

Ambassadors develop skills such as effective communication and this role also promotes greater confidence. It is the responsibility of each ambassador to ensure that they express their own views and those of other students.

Ambassadors can also offer their services in class, at school functions and with special projects such as our new Recycling initiative.

Senior Ambassadors

We have chosen our Senior Ambassadors from our Year 11 classes to represent Ravenshall in their capacity of Senior Ambassadors for the current academic year.

They are part of the fabric of the school- they help during events where parents and carers are invited to school and they assist in organising student events. They also help run the School Council. Another important function is to be role models for younger students, providing them with someone to look up to and perhaps ask for advice and guidance. To do this they perform morning corridor duties and some help in the dining room. This role will form an impressive part of their CV when they move on to college and will help them as they prepare for adulthood.