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Inspection of Ravenshall School by Ofsted 12th - 13th February 2019
Judged Outstanding in all areas and 'an exceptional special school'

Ravenshall School is an outstanding school!


Ravenshall School is a large day special school which caters for pupils with complex needs.


In February 2019 the school was judged to be outstanding in all areas.

The majority of pupils have complex learning difficulties combined with other special educational needs such as behavioural difficulties or autistic spectrum disorders. A number of students have more complex learning needs including sensory and physical impairments and specific learning difficulties. It is a modern school and boasts up to date facilities and technology.  All pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan.

The school is committed to providing a relevant education for its pupils and preparing them for a world of independence as good citizens. It values the role of the arts, in particular in encouraging motivation and personal development across the curriculum and all areas of learning. The school encourages and is committed to working alongside the community and partner schools and agencies in providing quality experiences and opportunities for all its pupils to support achievement.

Ravenshall prides itself in being an inclusive school which ensures that all of its pupils receive an equal opportunity to achieve their very best. The school respects differences and celebrates diversity in all its forms. It gives children and young people a voice and encourages the active participation in the education process. It values the staff who work here and recognises the important role that parents/carers, governors and the wider community have to play in supporting the pupils and the school itself.


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School to School Support

Our ethos at Ravenshall School has always been about sharing outstanding practice and working collaboratively with as many schools and agencies as possible.

Specialist Leaders of


At Ravenshall we have two Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE), Jason Swaine and Sarah Fawcett. Both Jason and Sarah are part of the school’s  Leadership team and work closely with other schools in supporting specific areas of need.


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