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Ravenshall School was designed and built to meet the education, social and cultural needs of pupils and students with learning difficulties. Accessibility Planning was an integral part of the design and build process covering the following main areas:

  1. The Physical Environment - Internal & External

  2. Curriculum Access and Provision of Specialist Services & Resources

  3. Communication & Information Systems

However, the School Governors and Staff are fully aware of the need to continue to monitor all aspects of accessibility and to respond to the changing needs of the school population, changing & developing knowledge skills and resources, developing expectations and technological advances. The environments and organisation has been altered over time to reflect changing needs in the school population and significantly growing numbers and this process will continue.

Key points

  • Ravenshall school is all on one level.
  • Ravenshall school will provide documents in different font, colours and text size on request.
  • Further information about accessibility is available by contacting the school office on 01924 456811.