The Arts

As a school for pupils with ‘complex needs’ many of our pupils have low self-esteem and find it difficult to express themselves. The arts are a valuable means of developing confidence and communication skills, and facilitating expression, ideas and feelings. In addition, through purposeful, imaginative and creative activities, pupils learn to take managed risks and try out new ideas and new ways of working without fear of failure.
We value the contribution the arts make to our quality of life and believe that providing a range of experiences is essential for life beyond school.
The school is proud and celebrates its Arts Mark Gold Award in recognition of the Arts in supporting teaching and learning at Ravenshall. The impact on other areas of learning is significant in ensuring engagement, motivation, interest and progress in academic and personal development areas.

The school continues to strive to engage, motivate and challenge students through the Arts. This is particularly evident through the Creative Curriculum.

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