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Our ethos at Ravenshall School has always been about sharing outstanding practice and working collaboratively with as many schools and agencies as possible. The school is designated a National Support School and the Headteacher, Mrs J Tate, a National Leader of Education.

At Ravenshall we have two Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE), Jason Swaine and Sarah Fawcett. Both Jason and Sarah are part of the school’s  Leadership team and work closely with other schools in supporting specific areas of need.

Over the last 2 years, both teachers have worked alongside a vast range of Special, Primary and Secondary schools. These roles are ever expanding and play an important role in reaching out to the wider school community. Work pending will see Jason & Sarah supporting a Kirklees conference and some specialist sessions with parents.

Most recently, Jason has been working with SCITT students at Moor End Academy to develop trainee teachers’ knowledge and skills in Positive Behaviour Management. Looking at the photographs below you will see that as always, the sessions were very well received!!

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