School Council

School Council

We are a group of students who were elected by our classmates to represent their views with the ultimate aim of the continued improvement of our school.

See our profiles on the noticeboard in Reception.

The School Council at Ravenshall are an important part of our school community.  They represent the pupil voice and it is a real opportunity for students to get more involved in the way school is run.  Councillors develop skills such as confidence and communication.  It is the responsibility of each councillor to ensure that they express their own views and those of other students.

 We have an active School Council with two representatives from each class.  Each councillor was elected by their peers.  We then meet on a regular basis throughout the school year. The School Council has recently been involved in judging winners for the new Dojo reward certificates.


Representatives for 2017/18 are:


Junaid Khalil

Kayden Lawford

Zara Hussain

Yaqoob Patel

Hadiyah Patel

Hassan Shari

Iqra Hussain

Habib Hussain

Amy Leigh Walker

James Gill

Emily Pickup

Jordan Fisher

Joseph Whittaker

Hannah Rauser

Jonathan Deutsch

Olivia Wartley

Tilly Bird

Joshua Stead

Nimrah Ali

Kieran Rutter

Kultham Badat

Thomas Littlewood

Raman Farhan

Jamie Speight


Senior Ambassadors


We have now chosen our initial cohort of nine young men and women from Year 11 to represent Ravenshall in their capacity of Senior Ambassadors. Some of them gave a presentation to make their case to be chosen. This was most impressive and helped us to make some difficult decisions.

Senior Ambassadors will become part of the fabric of the school- they will help during events where parents and carers are invited to school and they will assist in organising student events. They will help to run the School Council. Another important function is to be role models for younger student providing them with someone to look up to and perhaps ask for advice and guidance. This honour will form an impressive part of their CV when they move on to college.


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