Primary Department - Primary 5

Primary Department - Primary 5

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Class Teacher

Miss Amy Bellamy




Teacher Assistant

Mr Matthew Hill

Mrs Jane Lewyckyj (Monday/Tuesday)

Mrs Lisa Harrison (Wednesday to Friday)





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What Happens In Our Class?

Welcome to P5, there are 11 of us in our class and we are all in Year 4,5 or 6. Our teacher is called Miss Bellamy, she is really funny and our full-time ETA is called Mr Hill. He doesn’t like people who moan, only people who are happy! We also have 2 part-time ETAs in class, Mrs Sizer and Mrs Turnbull who are so kind and helpful. We do lots of exciting things in P5, for example going on school trips to Pizza Express to make pizzas and the German Market in Leeds. We also love going swimming every week and playing out at break times. We create lots of lovely pieces of work each day. We love to listen to stories and then writing about them and we make lots of amazing artwork for our display boards in our lovely bright classroom. 

The School Day

It's Miss Bellamy's job to plan fun lessons for us to learn. The day is divided into a number of lessons, lunchtime and breaks. Most lessons will be taken by our class teachers, but there may be other lessons where specialised teachers teach the pupils.

We go swimming every Wednesday, have PE on Monday & Tuesday and learn in the community on a Thursday.


Our class is no different than any other class, we have a timetable, lessons planned for us and we love to learn a new thing every day.

The best things about being in P5 are:

  • We love to work hard and have fun in all of our lessons
  • We love singing, PE and cooking
  • We also enjoy going out of school on different trips that have been linked to our half-term topic.

Keep a lookout for what we are learning and fun activities we have been involved in on our events and curriculum pages.

Weekly Assemblies

Every Friday all primary classes attend the weekly assembly. Each week a different class teacher is responsible for leading them, and we have a different topic each week.


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