Preparation for Adulthood Y13 Activities

Preparation for Adulthood Y13 Activities

Preparation for Adulthood curriculum

Learners in PfA follow core skills in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT over the 2 years of the course.

Learners are taught Functional Skills in these areas developing skills needed for adult life. Functional Skills Literacy covers reading recipe’s, following instructions, form filling, extracting information from newspapers, journals and other publications as well as the 3 main Literacy core strands of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.

Functional Skills Numeracy also covers 3 strands; geometry and measure incorporating time, money and measurement, number and statistics.

In Information Technology learners are taught how to use the computer appropriately to produce evidence and work during their lessons. Learners also address issues such  as online and e-safety; keeping passwords and personal information secure thus protecting themselves.

PSHCE within Preparation for Adulthood (PfA)

The 3 core themes of the PHSE syllabus; Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and The Wider World are addressed over the 2 year programme through, not only as discrete PSHE lessons but through other subjects such the ASDAN Personal Progress, Personal and Social Development and The Diploma in Life Skills, as an example the ASDAN unit ‘Healthy Living’ incorporates the PSHE Health and Wellbeing elements taking responsibility for their own health, maintaining a balanced diet, managing ‘new’ places and fitting in, positive mental health and many other sub-strands of the core theme.

At the end of this course, our learners will move into Further Education in a new location.  There is the possibility they could access some form of independent living.  The aim here is to prepare and carry out the groundwork for these moments in their lives to be as manageable as possible.   Our learners will gain increasing ‘independence’ and begin to personally experience the topics or issues they have been taught throughout the programme of study.

Our learners will revisit and reinforce earlier learning through learning that ‘connects’ it to contexts that are relevant to this age group.  We will provide opportunities for them to evidence their skills and attributes and extend the knowledge and understanding they have developed, ready for ‘independent living’ or the next stage in their education or career.

Below is a breakdown of the Core Themes the 2-year PfA programme will cover.  Our learners will be taught how to:-

  • Manage transition to increasingly independent living
  • Maintain physical, mental and emotional health and well-being
  • Assess and manage risks to their own and others’ health and safety
  • Identify and access help, advice and support including in new settings and situations
  • Make informed choices about health and well-being matters including drugs, alcohol and tobacco; maintaining a  balanced diet; and sexual health
  • Respond in an emergency including administering basic first aid
  • Develop and maintain a variety of healthy relationships within a range of social/cultural/educational/educational and employment contexts and to develop parenting awareness
  • Recognise and manage emotions within a range of relationships
  • Manage risky or unhealthy/negative relationships, including all forms of harassment and abuse (including online)
  • Respect equality
  • Identify and access appropriate advice and support in new locations or communities
  • Manage rights and responsibilities as members of diverse communities
  • Try and be ambitious in life, education and work
  • Develop employability
  •  Make personal financial choices which can affect oneself and others
  • Live safely in an ‘on-line’ and ‘connected’ world

Outdoor Adventures at Tong Wood

Our learners:-

  • Have the opportunity to develop communication, planning, problem-solving and team building skills.
  • Develop self- confidence.
  • Enjoy environments the learners may not have the opportunity to experience with any degree of frequency.
  • Develop/ improve personal awareness.
  • Develop strategies to make a contribution in collaborative situations.
  • Think of creative ways to overcome obstacles when problem-solving.
  • Develop an understanding and awareness of the environment.
  • Experience and practice the skills of reflective learning.
  • Experience exercise in a stimulating environment.
  • Develop their coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Have fun while learning!

Life Skills Programme at Batley Young Centre

Developing independence and maturity, encouraging self-reliance and acquiring skills for life are all encompassed in the activities carried out at Batley.

Learners, through discussion, produce a mutually agreed menu, shop for the ingredients needed to make their lunch, prepare, cook and serve their lunch. We follow stringent health and safety procedure in this activity in preparation for independent living and as an introduction into the world of work.

Other skills included in this off-site activity are:-

  • Using money, coin and note recognition, working out cost and change.
  • Using facilities in a number of local shops and supermarkets eg self-service tills, customer services, check-outs etc
  • Conducting themselves appropriately in the local community amongst members of the public.
  • Using facilities in unfamiliar surroundings.

Once tasks are completed satisfactorily learners can relax enjoy some social time at Batley playing pool, watching TV and listening to music.

Regular sessions at Kirklees College Gym, Huddersfield

Our Y12 and Y13 learners attend a fitness gym weekly as part of their leisure and recreation timetable. The activities introduce learners to an adult gym where cardiovascular machines and fitness equipment are used under close supervision to help improve the learners’ fitness and endurance.

Personal hygiene, diet and maintaining health and wellbeing is an important part of the post 16 programme through PSHE lessons. Our learners are taught about the benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating; learning how to look after themselves is a life skill which we hope the learners will embrace and take into adulthood.

Our learners have also experienced spin classes at Kirklees College gym, Huddersfield.

Enterprise Opportunities/Work related skills-Horticulture, Food Technology and Design Technology

Learners are introduced to the world of work through practical work-related skills. Students make items which are sold to staff and parents raising money for PfA and the school.

Jam and cream scones, various soups, onion bhaji’s, biscuits, cupcakes and samosas have all been made by learners in food technology activities.

Flower baskets, trugs and planters are made by the design technology learners and planting flowers and shrubs are part of the horticulture sessions.

Learners are encouraged to view these sessions as a ‘work’ place and learn and follow skills that may be required in true work-based setting skills such as:

  • Health and safety procedures
  • Following instructions
  • Looking and acting appropriately in the workplace
  • Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Using tools and machinery appropriately
  • Working collaboratively
  • Using and interpreting spreadsheets
  • Costing, buying and using materials
  • Selling and enterprise techniques
  • Advertising

PfA Residential at Bradley Wood

Each year all PfA learners are invited to a 3-day residential, this year it was held at Bradley Wood, Brighouse. A number of activities were arranged suitable for post 16 learners, e.g. a climbing wall, Cresta run, cave bus, crate stacking to name but a few! Staff and learners shared preparation and cooking food for their meals. Unfortunately, the weather was appalling this year with 3 days of wall to wall rain but this didn’t dampen anybody’s spirit and everyone had a fantastic time!

Work experience

All year 13 learners undertake a period of work experience for 1 day per week for 6 weeks, these have been particularly successful this year with many Year 13 learners being offered extended placements and one learner being asked if she would like to work 2 days per week until she leaves Ravenshall. All work placement providers have been very enthusiastic and positive in their feedback of the learners. Our learners have taken part in post 16 work experience de-brief sessions when they are encouraged to reflect upon and evaluate the impact of their work placement.  All felt they have learned many new skills.

Moving on - Our Transition Plans

Following the 2 years Preparation for Adulthood programme at Ravenshall, learners are ready to move onto further education with what we hope are new skills, confidence and maturity. Kirklees College Huddersfield and Kirklees College Dewsbury have been the preferred choice for learners and parents. Strong transition links are put in place to introduce learners to their ‘new’ surroundings with the intention of overcoming any possible apprehensions or anxieties the learners may have.

In conjunction with transition visits, we have incorporated independent travel skills, encouraging learners to apply for travel passes which they use to travel to and from college either by train or by bus; learning to read and check timetables, buy tickets if necessary, keeping their tickets and passes safe about their person and remembering where the bus or train stations are and how to get there, crossing roads safely and being out in the community.

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