Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) Criteria

School has a 16 – 19 provision (Preparation for Adulthood), which supports a small groups of more vulnerable pupils from across other Kirklees special schools, who are not yet ready to move on to Kirklees College or other post 16 providors. These young people continue to develop their learning in literacy and numeracy whilst experiencing a wide range of confidence building activities in order to develop their social skills in readiness for moving on to a college setting, further training or employment at the end of Year 13.  The curriculum on offer includes a range of off-site learning environments, where learners meet with members of the public, learners from other provisions as well as accessing specialist centres e.g. Kirklees College gymnasium and Batley Bulldogs facilities.  This curriculum is not suitable for those who may have extreme SEMH needs and require high levels of additional adult support to manage their behaviours in order to keep themselves, other learners, staff and members of the public safe.

Students will have an EHC Plan.

Students will be accessing the curriculum at a minimum of Level 1, with an upper limit of Level 3 Entry Level.

The young person’s destination is Further Education and/or training, and it is expected that this can be achieved within the next 2 years.

Despite intensive intervention around the young person’s areas of need, progress has been very limited and there is supporting evidence to demonstrate this.

Students will also meet these criteria:

  • An inability to self-regulate to a degree that will enable them to function in a college environment
  • A lack of resilience to a degree that prevents them from managing independently in different situations
  • Are likely to have significant social and emotional immaturity, e.g. functions below 5 years socially and emotionally and there is evidence to support this
  • Extreme levels of anxiety that are evident day to day
  • Significantly impaired sense of social appropriateness
  • A lack of independent living skills
  • The young person is at risk of CSE, bullying or exploitation in general.


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