Preparation for Adulthood at Ravenshall

Preparation for Adulthood at Ravenshall


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The aims of provision

  • To provide a curriculum and environment in which the learners feel valued and can develop socially and academically;
  • For the learners to become more confident in their ability to cope in society by promoting social development;
  • To promote a high degree of independence;
  • To increase the use of practical functional numeracy, literacy and ICT skills;
  • To help learners identify and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in order to make decisions on how they can be responsible for their own overall development;
  • Increase the possibilities of independent living;
  • Increase the chances of employment

Update : Autumn 2016 Big News!

In September 2016 Ravenshall was officially re-designated as a 5-19 school by the DfE which meant that at last we had secured our own provision. Finally, students who had previously attended Ravenshall, Lydgate or Longley Schools in Kirklees could be considered for a 2 year placement in our PfA (Preparation for Adulthood) provision. The students continue to follow a personalised curriculum appropriate to individual needs including a range of provision which provides opportunities for practical, physical, academic and personal needs. Learners work towards accreditation which can then be followed through into a college placement when they are fully prepared for this transition.

It is intended that work placements will take place each year as these provide excellent opportunities for social interactions with a wider public audience. School provides an additional outdoor education provision at Tong Woods each Thursday where students can develop their self confidence, interactive and physical skills in particular as well as learning how to contribute to working as a team. 

This news coincided with the opening of our brand new PfA building which offers premier accommodation for our learners, including a kitchen area where vital life skills may be experienced.


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