Lakeside Residential

As part of the ongoing programme for Outdoor Education at Ravenshall, Year 9 pupils undertake a full week's residential activity week at Lakeside YMCA in the Lake District usually in the summer term.
The Lakeside experience is an outdoor facility that inspires our young people to fulfil their potential through challenging outdoor experiences; raising self-esteem and motivation. The outdoor learning experience also has valuable overlaps with personal health and fitness, PE, the environment, sport and conservation. Ravenshall values outdoor learning as an approach to teaching and learning though outdoor activities and experiences. The common thread is the focus on positive outcomes in personal and social development.
Activities include recognised sports with an adventurous component such as archery; orienteering; canoeing, kayaking, abseiling and fell-walking.
Outdoor activities are purposely designed for their learning and educational value, contributing to an individual's personal development.

Activities are selected depending on the groups' abilities and end ensure positive outcomes including:

  • Enjoyment
  • Confidence Building
  • Social Awareness/Co-operation
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Activity Skills – fine and gross motor-skill development
  • Managing Risk
  • Team building and leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Decision Making
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Problem solving and Negotiation
  • Key Skills
  • Health and Fitness
  • Motivation and Appetite for Learning
  • Broadened Horizons

Ravenshall has an established partnership with Lakeside and continues to ensure that the Health and Safety of pupils and staff are maintained. All activities are risk assessed and supported by an appropriate staff to pupil ratio.

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