Key Stage 3 - Secondary 8

Key Stage 3 - Secondary 8

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Class Teacher

Mrs Karen Hodson


Teacher Assistant

Miss Nabeela Hussain

Mrs H Townend


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What Happens In Our Class?


Welcome to S8. We are a Key Stage 4 class and we follow a semi-formal curriculum; a combination of structured learning activities, hands-on practical discovery learning and learning through play. Our class teacher is Miss Hodson and we are well supported in class by our ETAs Mrs Cooper and Mrs Hussain.

For our more practical lessons, we are joined by Miss Senior, our activity support assistant. We particularly enjoy cooking and our visits to our local community on Monday afternoons.

Our key focus area is speech, language and communication and we use a variety of communication strategies to help us work and play together so that we can become effective learners.


The School Day

We start each day with personalised English and Maths learning with our form teacher.  We then follow our individual timetables, participating in lessons such as karate, life skills, music and Makaton. We also work closely with our friends in S1, our Key Stage 3 semi-formal class. This enables us to build friendships and create appropriate learning partnerships.

Highlights of the week

  • Monday: Offsite learning in the local community
  • Tuesday: Play gym
  • Wednesday: PE
  • Thursday: PE, Pathways vocational learning
  • Friday: Computing, food technology


Weekly Assemblies

On Thursdays, we participate in the Key Stage 4 assembly where we celebrate our successes and receive certificates when we have been working hard towards reaching our personal targets.

On Friday we have a singing assembly led by Mrs Caie. We love singing and signing to some great music and it really gets us ready for the weekend!






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