Key Stage 4 - Secondary 11

Key Stage 4 - Secondary 11

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Mrs J Kilbride


Teacher Assistant

Mrs S Ali 


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What Happens In Our Class?

S11 is a colourful, creative collective of individuals who enjoy a rich and diverse learning experience. The members of the group play an active part in the school community taking on roles such as sports leaders and students ambassadors.

To complement the exciting curriculum the class enjoys, we spend quality time throughout the week developing teamwork through problem-solving activities; developing our awareness of the world around us through catching up on global and local news and exploring new ways to enjoy leisure time through playing games, completing craft activities and reading.


S11 are a thoughtful group of individuals who pride themselves (as some of the older members of the school community) in offering support to younger students, escorting them and guiding them in different areas of the school.


Mrs Kilbride and Mrs Ali are extremely proud of their class as each week they are successful in achieving reward points and certificates for excelling in a variety of things. Everyone in S11 tries their hardest every day and supports one another.


The School Day

We love the variety of lessons we experience across the week. As well as learning in school there are lots of opportunities to learn out of school, and we are able to go on an exciting variety of trips to places such as the Gym. Every day is different and we enjoy the new challenges we face.




Weekly Assemblies

We have Assembly on Thursday with Mr Swain and Mr Lomax, where we find out all the fantastic things that have been going on in other classes, as well as finding out lots of information about things to look forward to. We also  get to celebrate all the achievements we have made across the week.

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