Key Stage 3 - Secondary 8

Key Stage 3 - Secondary 8

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Class Teacher

Mr Richard Turner


Teacher Assistant

Mrs Claire Wasilewski 


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What Happens In Our Class?

Welcome to Secondary 8. We are based in classroom 2 which has a fantastic view of the playing field and the surrounding woodland. There are 12 pupils in our class. Our class teacher is Mr Turner and he also teaches us English, PE, PSHCE and CSI.  We are supported by a new member of staff (ETA) Mrs Wasilewski. We are keen to learn and find out new things and always aim to achieve the school’s behaviour for learning targets in every lesson.

Behaviour for Learning

  • We need to listen when someone else is speaking
  • We need to keep safe hands and feet
  • We need to speak to each other in a pleasant way
  • We need to remain on task


The School Day

Lessons begin at 9.00am and we are taught by a range of specialised subject teachers which means we must independently follow a timetable to different learning areas in and around school.

We have three lessons of English and Maths each week. We also have lessons in PE, DT and Food Technology, Art, Science, Integrated Studies, Music, Geography, History and ICT. We have Enrichment afternoon on a Wednesday, where we are able to make a choice about what we learn depending on our personal interests.

Each day at 2.20pm we have a Communication and Social Integration lesson. This is where we come back together as a class to reflect on our learning and to take part in a range of activities designed to develop our communication and social skills.


Weekly Assemblies

Tuesday is Key Stage 3 assembly where we celebrate success and find out who the Dojo champions are!

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