Key Stage 3 - Secondary 5

Key Stage 3 - Secondary 5

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Mrs C Collins 


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Miss J Tumber 


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What Happens In Our Class?

Welcome to Secondary 5! We are a buzzing bunch of 12 inquisitive students.  Mrs. Collins and Miss Tumber love working with us because we are a great group of friends who are kind, helpful and understanding towards each other.  We love to celebrate our achievements and do this with great enthusiasm every week during the Key Stage 3 Assembly and our ‘Communication and Social Interaction’ sessions.   Every day we choose someone as Star of the Day to recognize the extra special things we do.

The School Day

It's Mrs. Collins' job to plan fun lessons for us to learn as we love to learn new things every day.  The day is divided into a number of lessons, lunchtime and breaks.  Most lessons will be taken by our class teacher, but there may be other lessons where specialised teachers take the students such as ART, Science, Food Technology and Music.

We have P.E on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Our favourite day of the week is Wednesdays when we take part in enrichment activities, where we are able to make a choice about what we learn depending on our personal interests.


Weekly Assemblies

Every Tuesday all KS3 classes attend the weekly assembly. 

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