Inclusion and Behaviour

Inclusion is a ’process which recognises and values diversity, promotes a shared vision for community cohesion and supports the participation of individuals in the life of the community’.

Ravenshall prides itself in being an inclusive school which ensures that all of its pupils receive an equal opportunity to achieve their very best. The school respects differences and celebrates diversity in all its forms. It gives children and young people a voice and encourages the active participation in the education process. It values the staff who work here and recognises the important role that parents/carers, governors and the wider community have to play in supporting the pupils and the school itself.

As an inclusive school, we consult widely with pupils, staff and all interested parties to ensure our practices are effective and valued.

At Ravenshall we aim to ensure that all voices are heard and all pupils are able to overcome their own personal ‘barriers to learning’ to achieve their full potentials.

In addition to its general inclusive practices Ravenshall has further provision to ensure all of its pupils can achieve.

The Inclusion/Behaviour Team

This team of 4 staff is led by our Inclusion Manager with its aim of ensuring pupils are kept on track in their learning. In considering the range of ‘barriers’ a range of support provision is available to ensure pupils can stay on track with their learning; allow others to maintain their working with reduced disruption and receive specific support on an individual needs basis.

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The 'Can Do' Room

This room has now been established for a number of years and provides an additional support for pupils with more challenging behaviour who are unable to sustain their learning in the classroom. Here the pupils may receive 1:1 support for a short period of time in readiness for a return to class. Where specific ’hot spots’ are identified for pupils, arrangements can be made to support whether in the classroom or in the inclusion provision. The Inclusion team are timetabled to specific lessons that have been identified by staff as requiring support. One member of the team is always ‘on call’ so additional support can be provided. The team continually promote the school’s Behaviour for Learning targets and is at hand for guidance and support to pupils in order for them to make the right choices.

The team continually works on issues such as bullying; confidence building and supporting social and emotional needs. Opportunities for ‘Learning mentor’ sessions are made for identified pupils to help overcome further ‘barriers to learning’.

The ‘Can Do’ Room is open to all pupils for lunchtimes and breaks as an alternative option to enjoy social activities. This proves to be popular with many pupils who find it difficult to mix during external break-times and continues to encourage pupils to develop friendships and social skills.

The school holds the Kirklees Inclusion Quality Standard (KIQS)

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