Curriculum Horticulture




Rationale :

Horticulture is an exciting certificated life skill option for Year 10 and 11 students at Ravenshall.

The course undertaken is an AQA Unit Award Scheme jointly planned with the RHS at Harlow Carr Gardens, where students are able to attend workshops throughout the year.




Each of the 7 units consists of 10 hours mainly practical work, much of which is based outdoors using school grounds and allotment.

The units studied provide the students with an option to take on further studies in horticulture or a career in this field.

Students will undertake tasks including growing potatoes and other vegetables and seeing a variety of crops through to harvest time.

The difference between annual plants and perennials will be taught and practical work will include growing flowers and herbs from seeds, cuttings or plug plants, planting them out at the correct seasonal time.

Teacher demonstration of tasks will be key to safe working in the greenhouse or on the allotment.

Trips to garden centres as well as workshops at Harlow Carr will be important for the students as guidance on which items to purchase e.g. flowers for hanging baskets will be given.

The school is usually entered for Dewsbury in Bloom and other competitions for its gardening achievements.

The horticulture option is a useful and most practical course leading to accreditation that students enjoy and can achieve.



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