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Design & Technology


Rationale :

The Design and Technology programme offered at Ravenshall School aims to offer the students an opportunity to: -

  • Develop new practical skills.
  • Develop awareness/ need for Health and Safety.
  • Develop an understanding of food hygiene issues.
  • Develop problem solving/ thinking skills.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Develop social skills (independent and co-operative).
  • Extend existing/ new practical skills.
  • Learn and use appropriate technological vocabulary.
  • To be aware of technology in its wider contexts.
  • Develop skills to compliment other curriculum areas (Numeracy, Literacy, etc).
  • Develop self worth/ esteem.
  • Produce quality outcomes.
  • To realise learning can be fun!
  • To see what they can achieve!

Ravenshall School promotes equal opportunities and all students will have the opportunity to access this curriculum area.

The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all staff delivering Design & Technology at Ravenshall School.




The technology experience at Ravenshall offers programmes of study embracing the National Curriculum. Units of work have been developed in Resistant Materials, Food Technology and Textiles to ensure all students experience the key areas outlined in the National Curriculum document. Further Enrichment programmes are also offered to promote learning and the transfer of knowledge.

 The technology experience at Ravenshall also offers the students the opportunity to develop life skills and life long interests they can enjoy beyond school. These opportunities may include preparing meals for family and friends to Aeromodeling as examples. Indeed due to the expertise of our technology staff students can experience a wide range of opportunities in many technological areas.

 The technological experience at Ravenshall also offers the students the opportunity to develop skills they may be able to employ as part of their post 16 action plan. Students may wish to transfer their practical skills in to the world of work through careers in the motor vehicle trade or catering, as examples. Students may have the opportunity to develop this idea further during their work experience placement and also with their careers advisor as they develop their post 16 action plan and consider employment / training options.

Design & Technology


All students at Ravenshall School will have the opportunity to follow a programme of study designed to reinforce existing skills along with developing new skills as each unit unfolds. Planning formats are organised in the same manner for both Food Technology, Resistant Materials and Textiles. The planning format involves three core units being studied each year by the students. Each unit is designed to have an outcome, many outcomes are in the form of artefacts that the students can take home and enjoy. Each unit is designed to reinforce existing knowledge and develop new skills as the unit unfolds.

Enrichment programmes run parallel, in many cases, with the core units. These units allow the students to experience other areas within technology and such experiences may include working on one of the larger whole school projects like the Hovercraft as an example. These experiences allow students the opportunity to transfer knowledge or experience a unique activity linked to a particular element of the project in hand.

Planning formats are linked to an assessment record card that is completed by the technology specialist at the end of each unit of work.


In order to track and record individual’s progress and attainment in Design and Technology an end of unit review system will be employed. Each review document will record the following student information: -


  • Overview of unit student undertaking.
  • Photograph of student with their outcome.
  • Comments from the student in terms of what they enjoyed about the unit.
  • Comments from the student in terms of skill development.
  • Review of equipment used to produce the outcome.
  • Review of materials used to produce the outcome.
  • Teacher comments.

 These review sheets will develop in to a bank of records about each individual that can be used for such events as moderation, parent’s evenings and reviews as examples.

Other forms of assessment will also be completed to enable our students to achieve awards in other accredited courses during their time at Ravenshall. Such programmes may involve ASDAN and City & Guilds ‘Skills for Working Life’ as examples.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology

The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone: an exciting new project is an enhanced media technology based learning resource for pupils to be more creative.  More information will be made available soon.  Watch this space!!

Health and Safety

In all areas of technology at Ravenshall we actively promote Health and Safety for both students and staff. All students follow a safety induction course when they arrive at Ravenshall and the key principals of keeping safe are reinforced at every opportunity. All students are supervised at all times when in the technology rooms by a member of staff or a designated person appointed by the school to undertake delivery of a curriculum area. Staff in charge of the delivery of Food Technology are required to hold a current Food Hygiene Certificate.

We recognise that discipline is vital in environments such as technology rooms and to this end staff will make every effort to engage the students and promote positive behaviour. In the unlikely event that a student is not willing or able to comply with our expectations, procedures outlined in the schools behaviour policy will then be implemented to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

All staff delivering Technology at Ravenshall fully supports the Behaviour for Learning strategy and will embrace the programme during lessons.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology


All technology areas follow the recommendations and guidelines outlined in the COSHH documentation. All machines comply with the regulations and are on a yearly contract to be serviced and upgraded in accordance with any new COSHH/CLEAPSS directives. All work in relation to

  • COSHH is carried out by approved external contractors. Key points to note include:
  • All machines comply with COSHH directives;
  • All substances to be clearly marked;
  • Relevant information to be on hand regarding any hazardous substances or equipment;
  • All parents must complete annual permission slips in order for students to taste food during food technology lessons. Any medical considerations and/or allergies will be taken in to account during lesson delivery;
  • Limited stocks of any hazardous substances/materials to be kept;
  • Hazardous/flammable substances to be stored in school outbuildings when possible or in fire proof storage when in the building;
  • Dust particles to be kept to a minimum through extraction whenever possible;
  • Risk assessment/hazard cards in close proximity to machines to warn users of potential hazards;
  • Qualified staff only to use machines that require accreditation, to comply with Health and Safety Directives;
  • In house training to be given to non-specialist staff when using non-specialist tools;
  • CLEAPSS directives/recommendations will be included in appropriate documentation and lesson planning;
  • Students will have instruction on any materials, machines or substances they use as part of a technology lesson.

Enrichment Programme

All students at Ravenshall have the opportunity to experience the Design and Technology elements of the curriculum and produce individual artefacts that they can take home and enjoy.

Each unit of work is designed to promote enjoyment along with learning. Students will have the opportunity to reinforce previous skills learnt while developing new skills as each unit unfolds. All students will also have the opportunity to develop their own elements within the unit to promote individuality while working within the unit brief.

Running parallel with the core units, technology at Ravenshall also offers an enrichment programme aiming to:

  • Promote self-esteem;
  • Promote team work across the key stages;
  • Develop lifelong interests;
  • Develop planning and budgeting/ costing skills;
  • Offer new learning opportunities;
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge;
  • To see what can be achieved!

In order to promote our enrichment programme, Ravenshall offers a number of projects running parallel to the core technology units. These include designing and manufacturing a range of quality artefacts based on whole school/individual experiences.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology


Ravenshall School caters for a range of complex needs and a variety of teaching/learning styles will be employed to ensure technology is accessible for all our students.

All units of work are designed to promote differentiation and enable all students to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Students can develop outcomes as part of the unit brief and are free to develop elements of their own as their ability/experiences dictates. Staff will be on hand during lessons, to guide and offer advice to students as their ideas develop within the framework of the unit.

Staff will also be on hand to offer support to students during the practical elements of the unit and again can offer support through a range of options, such as adapting technological techniques to preparing materials prior to a lesson to promote inclusion.

Rewards and Sanctions

The school's reward scheme will be employed to recognise an individual’s achievements. This will take the form of reward tokens awarded at the end of the lesson in accordance with the reward policy. Individuals will also be recognised at the end of term prize-giving, again within the rewards policy guidelines.


Design & Technology

Design & Technology


Technology specialists will manage their yearly budgets within the guidelines set out by the school’s Leadership Team. Budgets should be used to provide general stock for subject delivery, materials and any specialist resources a unit may demand. Should a need be identified for resources requiring a large capital outlay then the Leadership Team should be approached with costings/rationale etc.  This identified need/resource can then be discussed and built into the school development plan.

Should a need be identified with regard to Health and Safety this must be reported to the  Leadership Team immediately and a satisfactory outcome sought.

Students are not charged for any materials in relation to the outcomes they produce (resistant materials). Food Technology units may require students to obtain a range of ingredients in order for them to complete their individual outcomes, other ingredients will be provided by the school.

When students undertake elements of the enrichment programme they may wish to purchase some elements of a project to enhance their individual outcome. Should a student be in a position where they are not able to purchase their own elements this will not affect or result in them not completing a quality outcome as the school will make every effort to support them.

Cross-Curricular Issues

The technology programme employed by Ravenshall School has many opportunities to promote cross-curricular development. Students should be able to transfer many technological experiences into many areas of the curriculum and some of the key skills they should develop are:

  • Communication;
  • Literacy;
  • Numeracy;
  • Problem solving;
  • Social skills;
  • Study skills;
  • Confidence/self-esteem;
  • Information Technology;
  • Mini Enterprise activity


Design & Technology

Design & Technology

ICT Provision within Technology

ICT will be employed by both staff and students where a need is identified within a unit of work or to enhance an activity. All students will have the opportunity to:

  • Use software packages, such as Microsoft Word, to enhance their presentation;
  • Use CD ROMs to access information on specific topics (e.g. hovercraft constructor’s guide, model aircraft plans, etc.);
  • Use software, such as flight simulators, to enhance their experiences/understanding;
  • Access the internet to collect or research information


Staff Development

All staff delivering technology at Ravenshall School are trained in their specialist fields. Further specialist training can and will be undertaken as part of the school’s performance management process when a need is identified. Links are also being developed with local schools to promote staff development, which in turn will have a positive impact on our students.

Should a need or opportunity be identified with regards to staff training or development then the SMT will be approached to discuss suitable arrangements for the training to take place.

General issues in relation to staff development will be addressed through the schools INSET programme.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Policy Review

The Design and Technology policy will be reviewed as part of the whole school policy reviewing procedure. Subsequent reviews of this document will take into account changes in legislation and guidance on the delivery of technology from within the authority.

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