Communication and Social Interaction (CSI)




Attention and listening skills are the foundation for communication and are essential in all aspects of life. At Ravenshall School we have combined attention and listening skill activities e.g. turn taking, emotional literacy, speaking, auditory memory language, eye contact, body language, Makaton, with elements of RPE, PSHE and Citizenship within CSI lessons to encourage students to become more confident in speaking and enabling students to become respectful, responsible, independent and healthy members of society. More importantly, engaging and stimulating CSI helps to nurture informed and resilient responses to misunderstanding, stereotyping and division. It offers a place of integrity and security where difficult or ‘risky’ questions can be tackled within a safe but challenging context. CSI is a vehicle in which our richly multi-cultural society can promote community cohesion, harmony, peace, and respect, built on a strong sense of personal identity where students learn to develop and express their insights in response and to agree or disagree respectfully.


Aims of CSI

CSI will be taught throughout the whole school from September 2017 from 2.20-2.55pm and will be delivered by class teachers (tutors). In these daily 35 minute sessions, students will have opportunities to watch BBC news round and discuss religious and moral issues, play language and communication games, undertake personalised reading, circle time, look at British Values, record Dojos and celebrate achievements in assemblies.

CSI has been designed as an annual rolling programme with 6 key themes one theme per half term. To ensure consistency across the whole school, themes remain constant, but topics within them change.


Autumn (1):- New Beginnings                                                              Autumn (2) Celebrations


Spring (1):- Going For Gold                                                                   Spring (2) New Life


Summer (1):- Diversity/Respect                                                           Summer (2) Growing Up/Moving On



Sara Caie will deliver Makaton sessions to all classes according to the 6 key themes on a carousel basis. Makaton is used by students who have communication difficulties. It uses speech, signs and/or symbols. It is not used as a substitute for speech but in conjunction with it enabling an alternative means of communication. It continues to aid students with speech difficulties to be able to communicate with their peers and adults, both at school and at home. At Ravenshall we believe Makaton is vitally important in developing positive attitudes, behaviour and relationships in school; in addition to enabling our students to develop a range of knowledge, skills and understanding.


    Communication and Social Interaction (CSI) Policy

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