Achievement for All


In March 2014, the school embarked upon the Achievement for All Award – a 2-year programme aimed at raising achievement, access and aspiration for those pupils underachieving.

The Achievement for All programme is an evidence-based whole school strategy for raising the aspirations, access to learning and achievement of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable learners in a school setting, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. The programme closely monitors the children’s progress and provides support to prevent them from falling behind.  Engaging parents through structured conversations is one of the key areas of focus.

The Achievement for All programme is delivered by Achievement for All 3As, an independent charity created to transform the lives of vulnerable pupils and their families, including those with SEN and disabilities (SEND).

Achievement for All came about as a recommendation following the Lamb Report (2009) marking a turning point for SEND, placing it more firmly within the domain of school leadership and bringing a greater focus to inclusive education. Starting as a pilot across England, the programme demonstrated a huge impact on the achievement in literacy and maths of vulnerable learners in over 450 schools.

The programme provides a bespoke framework for school improvement providing opportunities to work in partnership with schools across the country.  It is operationalised through 4 key elements:

Leadership of Achievement for All – to ensure schools maintain a focus on the aspirations, access and achievement of pupils identified with SEND and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
High quality teaching and learning – leading to improved progress for all pupils (includes data analysis, assessment and target setting)
Parental engagement through structured conversations – to improve parents’ and carers’ engagement with school and their involvement in their child’s learning and achievement
Wider outcomes – to support the participation, enjoyment and achievement of children in all elements of school life. By improving access to the wider life of the school, Achievement for All addresses 5 key areas: attendance; behaviour; positive relationships; eliminating bullying and increasing participation

Over the two years of the programme schools will need to evidence outcomes across the four key elements to meet the Achievement for All Quality Standards. The programme does not offer one solution but provides a range of support to extend existing good practice.

All schools will be appointed an Appointment Coach (Janet Pruchniewicz) who will work with the appointed School Champion (John Page) to coordinate the programme over the 2 years.

Initially the school will identify its strengths and areas of development (needs analysis) and develop an AfA plan that is linked with the SDP and builds on other school initiatives.

Baseline data for identified cohorts will be submitted as soon as possible after the start of the programme in order to monitor progress and measure the impact of intervention. Training sessions will be provided to ensure all staff are aware and involved in the programme.  All staff will be involved in deciding upon identified cohorts on which to focus. Training for structured conversations will be available for staff and these conversations will be held for targeted pupils throughout the period of the programme. The achievement coach will work with the school champion to liaise with staff and parents in order to share experiences, training, and evidence outcomes.

It is recommended that a school identifies pupils from two target groups in the first year of the programme and an additional 2 cohorts in its second year.
THE ACHIEVEMENT COACH WILL INITIALLY DELIVER AN INTRODUCTION TO THE PROGRAMME TO STAFF IN MARCH 2014 (needs updating) and all staff will contribute to a needs analysis which will help to identify the first chosen cohorts. It is hoped that the first cohort will include identified pupils from each class to ensure all staff participate fully in the programme from its outset.

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