Science day @ Ravenshall School

Friday March 23rd 2018



Science Day

March 23rd 2018

Science Day ticked all the boxes! It was FUN, lots of LEARNING happened and it promoted SCIENCE across the school.

We welcomed two sets of visitors to make this a memorable day.









Sublime Science got the day off to a bang with a series of amazing experiments including making smoke bubbles, fizzy sherbet and slippery slime. This proved very popular and students left the workshop with a smile. They learned lots of Science without knowing it!









Other students participated in a series of practical investigations exploring the Science of Sound and how music works. They made lots of musical instruments from scrap wood and metal including trombones, flutes and tubular bells. Students were fascinated and loved the hands-on learning.

A fantastic day and one we are looking forward to repeating in the near future!


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