Ravenshall @ Westminster Abbey

Commonwealth Celebration Day: March 12th 2018


Trinity Centre

Ravenshall @ Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Celebration

Monday March 12th 2018








Ravenshall School are becoming a regular fixture at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day, as for the 3rd year running we were specially chosen to be amongst the 800 school children who would help the Royal Family make the day a success.






The theme this year was 'Towards a Common Future' and involved people from all 53 independent countries who came together to celebrate the vast diversity & strong unity we are all share. Ravenshall are proud to be part of this and have established links with the Royal Commonwealth Society to ensure that we help promote this key theme.

7 pupils were picked to represent the school and they did so fantastically well, all children involved arrived bright and early dressed very smart for the day ahead. 






Once we arrived in London we were welcomed by a heavy downpour of rain, but that did not stop us as we were keen to see some of the iconic sights we have watched in films and on the television. We took a famous black cab to Victoria Embankment where we overlooked the River Thames, seeing the London Eye and Westminster Bridge before heading to Westminster Abbey.





We walked passed Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and through Parliament Square as along with all the other school children from around the country we arrived at Westminster Abbey. As we queued, the children were in awe of what they were part of and happily chatted with other guests about the day ahead. Members of the British Navy happily posed for pictures with us to help pass the time while we were queuing to go in.

Once in Westminster Abbey, we had some fantastic seats which gave us a prime view of the event to come and allowed some of us to be a regular part of the live television footage on BBC 1 (See if you can spot the any of our Ravenshall pupils from the pictures of the actual BBC footage. Look out for those burgandy jumpers!).






The majority of the Royal family were in attendance, with Ravenshall being a part of history, as this was the first event Prince Harry’s future wife Meghan Markel attended alongside the Queen.  Pupil’s sat and listened intently while different guests performed, these included spoken word artists, musicians and a gospel choir. 






After the service we headed over for some food as we needed to refuel before the long train ride home, we all happily ate pizza and reminisced about the favourite parts of our day.  We then hopped in a black cab to Kings Cross, where we got our train home back to Mirfield Station as everyone’s family happily picked them up at the end of a long amazing day.

See you in 2019 Westminster Abbey!!!!






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