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S4 Blog 

W/C 14.01.19

Hello from S4!

We are having a fantastic time studying Polar Regions this half term.

We are learning about the environment including climate change, polar animals and their habits, as well as Eskimos and Igloos. We are doing a lot of arts and crafts, reading non-fiction texts to learn animal facts and reading stories about polar animals that we’ve chosen from the library. We have even been learning how to dance and walk like a penguin!

Thanks for reading!






S6 Blog 

W/C 07.01.19

This week in S6, we have been introducing our new topic of Ice and Fire. As part of this, we have been exploring extreme environments in Geography. Week 1’s focus has been the scorching desert. Using Google Earth we have found desert environments around the globe by finding the yellow landmasses. We have also been comparing the features of desert landscapes to our own environments in the UK.  

As part of PSHCE this half term, we are aiming to complete the Archbishop of York Youth Trust Young Leaders Award. This involves learning about and putting into practice key skills to becoming outstanding leaders and members of the community. On Tuesday we worked in teams to build cup towers without being allowed to touch the cups or the tables. We used our speaking and listening skills to share ideas and to problem solve. 

In Maths, we have been looking at numbers this week. S6 have been using dienes to show numbers. Furthermore, we have been playing numeral games and breaking numbers into their different parts to develop a deeper understanding of them.

In English this week, have been making predictions for what might happen in our fiery new class story, George and the Dragon. As well as starting this exciting new text, we have been writing sentences independently using our Colourful Semantic Widgit card resources. These fun weekly activities allow us to structure sentences to develop confidence.












S3 Blog 

W/C 17.12.18

It may be the last week before Christmas (and we definitely enjoyed our Christmas dinner!) but we have still been working hard.

We have made some indoor snow and some piping hot soup (curried parsnip and carrot soup which was delicious). We’ve also made some special treats for the reindeers using our maths skills of measuring, comparing weight and emptying and filling containers. We found out that birds like the same food as reindeers which was a nice surprise!

Merry Christmas everyone!











S7 Blog

W/C 10.12.18



We have all worked hard to rehearse the song which we performed at the Ravenshall Palladium Christmas Performance. Based on our learning, we decided to deliver this song as ‘Force’ was part of this term’s curriculum. S7 showed resilience, teamwork, co-operation and perseverance in order to perform this routine and they displayed lots of courage to overcome their nerves. A special mention to Amina and Jamie who really stepped up to help us on the day- well done to all!



S7 and some other KS3 groups have been exploring pollination this term. We have looked at life cycles of the bee, the butterfly and the plant and how these wonderful insects help us to grow the food that we need. We investigated the symmetry of butterflies and how bees dance to show each other where the flowers are to make their lovely honey. We learned about different bees that live in the hive and how we can help pollinating insects by planting flowers in our garden. S7 enjoyed this learning and were fascinated to watch a video made by a beekeeper showing her extracting the honey from the combs in pockets of perfect hexagons!


S2 Blog

W/C 3.12.18


Wow! What a week we have all had in S2. We are now fully in Christmas mode with the Christmas Craft Fair this afternoon, busy decorating our Christmas tree and decorating the classroom.

We have been busy preparing some amazing tea light snowman decorations during Drop Down Day.

A weekly visit to Play Gym, developing our gross motor control… who’s having more fun?

However, our daily timetable has not changed. Our individual targets for Maths and English are in full flow alongside addressing our holistic targets working in and around the school.

We have been busy making Moroccan spiced carrot soup in cooking.


Please see the recipe below.



5 carrots, 1 onion, 1 can of coconut milk, tablespoon of honey, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, garlic powder and add vegetable stock.

Finely chop carrots and onion. Add spices and vegetable stock. Boil and blitz. Or use a soup maker like us!


In Science we made ‘snow’, Kaif said “It’s cold… soft!”








 S1 Blog

W/C 26.11.18

S1 have been making some Amazing Journeys this week. We have been exploring and labelling transport, engaging in light and dark activities, investigating cold, water, ice and snow, whilst also deciding upon appropriate winter clothing.






S8 Blog

W/C 19.11.18

Throughout this term, we have been reading ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. We have been using an audiobook to enable everyone in the class to follow the story. Mr and Mrs Twit are horrible people who like to play tricks on each other. We have also discovered that they like to play tricks on small boys and animals! We have used the book to help us with our reading and writing skills. It has also helped develop our speaking and listening skills when we have discussed what has been happening in the book and what might happen next.






S9 Blog

W/C 12.11.18





As always, the students in S9 have been working incredibly hard this week, together with Miss Cocker and Mrs Wakelin. They have been developing their problem-solving strategies by attempting to put a line of masking tape on the floor as close to the length of 1 metre as possible. The first time we tried we had estimates from the length of a finger to the length of the classroom! After lots of hard work investigating the size of a metre with different types of measuring equipment, we had a second attempt. This time, our best estimate was 1 m 17 cm – a big improvement! We love to learn by investigating in maths at Ravenshall.


P5 Blog

W/C 05.11.18


So it’s P5’s turn again to take control of the blog, so here we go… This week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day, we made individual poppies and wrote words on them that describe what the men did. We then joined them together to make a wreath and went to Crow Nest Park in Dewsbury to place it at the war memorial. We held a 2-minute silence and all remembered what the brave soldiers did for us.









S10 Blog

W/C 22.10.18

Wow, what a fantastic half term S10 has had!  S10 has now settled down into Year 10 and are trying new subjects for the first time.  They are very kind to each other and like helping others.  They are doing Buddying, Communication, Cooking and life skills as part of their pathway subjects.  Some students help out in the Ravens Retreat serving customers drinks and delicious buns and biscuits.

Hello, Yellow Day raised awareness of mental health and well-being issues.  S10 took part in recognizing what makes us sad and happy as well as what we can do if we need cheering up.  We went for a walk around the school grounds picking up feathers and exploring our environment.  S10 enjoyed being outside and telling each other what things make them happy.

We had fun and laughter watching the performance from the M&M production of Snow White.  We joined in all the songs especially those songs that we practice at Friday’s CSI lesson.





P4 Blog

W/C 15.10.18

P4 have been exploring Ancient Egypt this half term and we have learned so much about how the Egyptians have impacted on history. We have explored the pyramids, mummies, pharaohs and what jobs Ancient Egyptian people did.

This week we decided to look at what food the Ancient Egyptians ate and thought we would put our culinary skills to the test and recreate some ourselves. The Ancient Egyptian bread we made is very similar to the pitta bread we eat now, so we decided that we would follow a similar recipe for that.

The recipe is;

 250g white flour

1 teaspoon of yeast

160ml water

Sprinkle of salt

1 tsp olive oil

Using these ingredients P4;

  1. Sieved the flour, put yeast and salt into opposite sides of the bowl before stirring.
  2. Added the olive oil and the flour gradually.
  3. We then got our hands dirty by kneading for 10 minutes and then we left the dough to rise for 1hr.
  4. Once the dough has risen children took lemon size pieces, flattened into circles and put on a baking tray.
  5. They were then cooked for 15 minutes and tasted delicious.

All the children in P4 then enjoyed the Ancient Egyptian pitta bread for snack time!










S11 Blog

W/C 08.10.18

What a fantastic start to the new school year!  S11 have settled well as a group and are already seen as fantastic role models for our younger pupils.

Our attendance record is absolutely amazing, so good in fact, that we have won the attendance trophy for four consecutive weeks! 

This week S11 have been thinking about how we interact with each other in a very positive way.  For example, the kind of language we use and being aware of each other’s needs. 

In assembly we were introduced to our new praise cards, ‘The 5 P’s’.  Pupils will be rewarded for Politeness, Perseverance, Positivity, Pride and being Prepared in and out of lessons. I’m sure S11 will have quite a collection by the end of this half term.

Pupils have been working very hard in all their lessons but I am particularly proud of the work they have been doing in Art this week.  I’m sure you’ll agree the standard of work is amazing.

Lastly, I would like to mention our Wordsmith of the Week for KS4, Haseeb.  He wrote a sensational report about Brexit and was brave enough to present it to the rest of the group.  The whole class was very impressed.








P3 Blog

W/C 01.10.18

In P3 we have travelled back to the time of dinosaurs. We have enjoyed learning about different types of dinosaurs such as the T Rex, Stegosaurus and pterodactyls. We have been busy making dinosaur crafts, singing dinosaur songs and reading dinosaur stories. This week we found some eggs in our classroom, we enjoyed using pipettes to melt the eggs and found dinosaurs inside them! 












S12 Blog

W/C 24.09.18

Class S12 have settled into the new school year superbly and have been studying the patterns found in natural forms. The class has also been inspired by the whimsical landscapes created by Natasha Wescoat and are now developing their own mixed media spiral and swirl compositions. Hopefully, the finished landscapes will gain unit award accreditation.









P2 Blog

W/C 17.09.18

This week in P2 we have travelled back in time to learn all about the Dinosaurs! We have been really busy exploring all things dinosaur while we settle into our new class. We have enjoyed baking dinosaur nests and dinosaurs footprint pizzas, dressing up as dinosaurs and learning dinosaur songs! We are working on our own dinosaur video in the zone. P2 have also been busy creating lots of dinosaur artwork including autumn leaf dinosaur pictures and we have even created a pterodactyl to hang from our classroom ceiling. Have a look at our photos to how much fun we are having learning about the dinosaurs….









S13 Blog

W/C 10.09.18


What a fantastic start to the year! S13 have settled in really well to their new KS4 class and are already proving themselves to be excellent role models to the rest of the school. In Communication and Social Interaction, they have started looking at what it means to be a leader and what qualities they have as individuals and a team.


This year each pupil has a holistic target to work towards. Examples of which could be; to increase self-esteem and develop positive relationships, develop independence, take on more challenges in lesson, retain a positive attitude, engage well with others and manage frustration, attend lessons on time and mix well with other students. 


Holistic targets will transfer across all lessons with the pupil and will help them as they prepare for the transition to the next stage in their education. Keep in touch with us on Class Dojo and check the website regularly for updates. As always, don't hesitate to get in touch with any of us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!



P1 Blog

W/C 03.09.18 

Wow, what a fantastic first week! With 7 new starters in Primary 1, we have had a busy week getting to know each other and exploring our new surroundings.

The children love our outdoor area where they can use their imagination in our mud kitchen, willow cave or make their own tents!

The crates and planks of wood were a big attraction for building seats and walkways! We are excited to bring our learning outside and can’t wait to see what the children learn next. Take a look at our photos from our first week.


















P4 Blog

W/C 16.07.18

What a way to finish the year!

To celebrate all the hard work pupils at Ravenshall have done this year, some decided to put themselves forward to play in a football match which also involved staff.



Everyone who took part in the game left the field extremely proud of their contribution, with Miss Ward’s pink team coming off victorious in a match which had it all. Inspired by England’s recent success at the World Cup, the game had everything from controversial Video  Assistant Referee (VAR) decisions to a dramatic penalty shootout.



The pink team took an early foothold in the game and were 3-1 up, however Miss Cocker’s yellow team made a fantastic comeback and took the lead from some individual moments of magic. The game was very tense with Mr Wright showing his competitive side by zipping up and down the wing and creating a host of chances for the pink team to retake the lead.



However, Mr. Turner equalled this and scored a late goal to send it through to a penalty shootout. The pink team kept their cool and ran out 6-5 winners on penalties with a host of pupils doing an England and striking the ball into the back of the net with ferocious power.



Most of the pupils throughout school came to watch the game and supported their friends fantastically well; many pupils had chants and songs to encourage them. This seemed to work as everyone involved was able to find them extra energy levels that made the game a joy to watch.

Congratulations to everyone involved, it was a fantastic day which will definitely be repeated.

Watch this space!



S5 Blog

W/C 25.06.18

S5's Fire Station Trip

As part of the History topic, S5 have been studying ‘The Great Fire of London’.  We organised a trip to Dewsbury Fire Station to learn about fire engines and firefighters and how they are different now from how they were in the past.  S5 had an amazing time at the Fire Station. They asked lots of questions about what Firefighters do, sat inside a fire engine and wore a firefighter's helmet.  They saw firefighters go down the pole and saw where they ate and slept. S5 practised using a water hose with support from a firefighter. We got a bit wet too!






S7 Blog

W/C 11.06.18



We have all explored the celebration of Eid-al-Fir this week which we have also linked with a lesson on phases of the Moon. Muslims know that Ramadan has ended when a new moon is spotted in the night sky. We learned how Muslims celebrate Eid with their families by giving gifts, praying at the mosque, sharing food and dressing in new clothes. Muslim students celebrated Eid on Friday and have regaled us with their stories of celebration.

World Cup

We have also celebrated this international festival of football in class. We have explored how the World Cup is organized, the history of the competition and how this feast of football brings the world together. Students also picked out a team for our group competition and have coloured flags representing their team.

Science Day

We are all looking forward to welcoming the students from Royds Hall who are visiting us on our Community Drop Down Day. We hope to entertain and educate with a series of science activities including designing and launching rockets. We will end the day with a delicious cup of coffee and a cake in the Ravens Retreat café.







S13 Blog

W/C 04.06.18


We have all arrived back to school refreshed after a relaxing week off. During CSI we have been discussing what everyone got up to during the holidays. Some of us have been riding our bikes or been on trips to Blackpool/Scarborough, theme parks, cinema, swimming and visited family and friends.

It is clear to say that everyone in S13 was really ready for half term after several hectic weeks sitting exams in English, Maths, Science, ICT and building portfolios for our GCSE Artwork as well as completing a 10-hour practical exam.  We have all worked incredibly hard and produced some fantastic compositions which are now displayed in the Sports Hall which looks very impressive. See our video (which has been produced by the Zone) this will give you an idea of just how hard we have worked in Art.

We are proud of our work and look forward to finding out what the Examiners have to say when they visit to moderate our work later this week.



During CSI we visited year 10 classes to talk about what we did during our 2 weeks Work Experience. Our eye-catching Power-Point presentations were well received and we were asked lots of questions which we answered confidently.





Katherine from the Careers service has been helping us to make good choices. She has taken us to the Careers Library in Dewsbury, where we found lots of useful information. We have also visited various colleges so we can see what they are like for ourselves. Some of us have already had interviews for our college courses which we will start in September.

The Ambassadors have been really helpful in setting up the bikes for students in S1, S2, and S3 so they can enjoy their time outdoors.

We enjoyed being models and showing off our smooth moves to the music on the catwalk at the Leavers Outfit Auction. We are going to look so smart in our new outfits for the leaver’s event.





We are all getting a little anxious about leaving Ravenshall School, but we have the leaver’s breakfast, trip to Whiteley's Garden Centre for Afternoon Tea, bowling trip, leaver’s assembly, ride in a limousine and meal at Lala’s to look forward to. Look out for photos from these events coming very soon!





P5 Blog

W/C 21.05.18

What a week P5 have had. It started by celebrating the Royal wedding, we had a street party with the rest of the Primary department where we ate jam scones drank juice and had a dance to our favourite tunes. 



The police also came to visit us as our topic this half term is people who help us. They were amazing; they talked to us about respect in the community and answered lots of our questions. Then as a treat, we got to try on police uniforms, handcuffs, have a look at the batons and put the siren on in the police car. 



Finally, we raced our wonderful junk model emergency vehicles that we made in Design technology, it was so funny. Everybody worked so well in their teams. In the end, the Fire engine won the race.




S3 Blog

W/C 14.05.18


Here in S3 we know that good learning can take place anywhere so we took full advantage of National Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday 17th May.

We are learning all about growing plants and went outside to check that our potatoes, carrots and peas had plenty of water. We hope to be able to eat some before we break up for summer.

We took our maths lesson outside and learned all about positional language –it’s amazing what those dragons get up to when they get outside in the sunshine!

We rounded the day off with a visit to Crows Nest Park for Geography to look at how the park was different to school. We found lots of different plants and buildings, and even a playground. Miss Hodson was very surprised but let us have a quick play before it was time to come back to school.

We love learning outside and hopefully will do lots more this year.













S2 Blog 

W/C 08.05.18

Wow what another super week in S2. In our topic ‘Superheroes’ we have been singing and signing to lots of superhero themed songs related to superheroes. A book we have been focussing on is ‘Supertato’.





All of the pupils in S2 are thoroughly enjoying reading about the adventures of the superhero – Supertato and the villain – Evil Pea. As part of this, this week, we have been able to take part in a Supertato themed afternoon with S1 and S3. It was brilliant to get outdoors with both classes on the field and complete some fantastic activities including such scenarios as:

- The evil peas have escaped from the freezer! Can you help supertato collect them all? Who can collect the most?

- The evil pea has mixed up all the vegetables from the supermarket. Can you help supertato sort the vegetables?

- The evil pea has mixed up the labels in the supermarket. Can you help re label the fruit?

- Supertato needs to use his super speed to fly and catch the evil pea. How far can you make supertato fly?

All pupils worked tremendously well outside and worked well independently and as a team! Well done S1, S2 and S3.


Here are a couple more pictures from the activities that we completed.....







S12 Blog

W/C 30.04.18

Wow what a hectic week!

We are in the thick of examinations at the moment with the majority of the class sitting exams in English, Maths, Science and ICT.  It has been a bit of a shock to the system but everyone is doing incredibly well. One of the English papers was about ‘Next Steps’ which we are all thinking about at the moment.

We have talked about the various jobs or courses we might like to do and what qualifications and skills we might need to do them.  Katherine from the Careers service has been helping us to make good choices. She took us to the Careers Library in Dewsbury, where we found lots of useful information. She also took us to visit colleges so that we could see what they were like for ourselves.

As part of our English lessons we have been learning how to complete application forms for college as well as a ‘pretend’ PFA application.








On a lighter note we have been busy rehearsing a surprise performance for the leavers assembly – sorry we can’t say any more than that!



S8 Blog

W/C 23.04.18

S8 – Reading Pitch

Since our last blog we have continued to develop our literacy skills. Every class has been set a challenge to create a reading area within their classroom.

We have created the S8 Reading Pitch combining our liking for books and sport. Pupils can now access a range of books and magazines during literacy lessons, registration and break time.

S8 have almost completed the book ‘Holes’. It has taken a while but we are almost at the end. The book has taken a few twists and turns and we cannot wait to find out what happens to Stanley and Zero in the final few chapters.








S11 Blog

W/C 16.04.18

S11 continue to work hard, further developing their maturity as they fast approach Yr11. This week alone S11 has been providing peer mentoring to pupils lower down the school, they have been to the Gym, completed assessments, maintained the allotment and baked some delicious looking treats that would have wowed Mary Berry! As if this wasn’t enough, they still found time to squeeze in a bit of reading for pleasure and a nice cup of tea!



P1 Blog

W/C 26.03.18

On Tuesday Primary 1 visited Swithens farm to experience animals in their own habitats.

We enjoyed playing in the playgym and going down the fast slides and in the ball pool!

We walked around the farm and saw lots of animals. We saw the pigs in the pig sty and some baby pigs with their mummy in the maternity barn.

We bottled fed the baby lambs and goats!

We fed carrots to the donkeys and cows out in the fields.

We saw the hens hiding from the rain in the hen hut and the ducks going for a dip in their pond!!









S1 Blog

W/C March 19th 2018


Lets have a look and see some of the fantastic things that S1 have been up to this week.....


By hook or by crook I'll get up there for my bear....

It's cracking this CSI!

Keeping hydrated....


Let me help you by giving you a leg up...

Life Skills - Learning at the Play Gym

Our Tuesday hang out - We love it!

P.E is just so much fun!

Reach for the stars...or is that my Care Bear up there?

So much walking.....AND THEN P.E!

Slip sliding away.....

Together we can do it!

Which comes first - the chicken or the egg?


PFA Blog 

W/C March 12th 2018

Tong Woods – Adventure walking

Our learners are given opportunities to go on walks across at times uneven or boggy terrain.  Where they encounter such ground the learners help and encourage each other to overcome these challenges.  This collaborative, problem solving approach builds confidence and self-esteem.  

The learners are also shown how to, and then given the chance, to fish, climb, build shelters and cook a simple meal on an open fire.  All adding valuable experiences to this important off-site aspect to our timetable.








S13 Blog

W/C March 5th 2018

This week S13 have completed reading the book and watching the film ‘Holes’ which has been thoroughly enjoyed by all. There has been some enthusiastic discussion about the story line, plot, characters and what should happen if a sequel was to be made. Students have written a book review and enjoyed using ICT to research images to represent the book as our chosen theme for ‘World Book’ day.

Students have enjoyed choosing quotations for our ‘Reading Area’ display which is looking superb. We all had lots of fun in the Zone filming and taking photos of each member of the class reading their special book which will be digitally placed in a favourite setting. See Matthew below with the Winter Olympics theme.






As part of our weekly team building task, students enjoyed working in a production line to help wrap the very generous gifts we had donated for ‘Ravens Boutique’ charity shop for the special Mothers/Carers day event. The boys in S13 can now add making bows and curling ribbons to their list of ever growing skills.






In CSI students were keen to talk about their work experience placements which commence on Monday 12th March for 2 weeks. Mrs Horan, Mr Swaine, Mr Sykes, Mrs Ramsden and Mrs Hall are all very much looking forwards to hearing about their experiences when they return.



S10 Blog

W/C February 26th 2018

S10 Are Bowled Over!

Class S10 have worked extremely hard this term and have become the DoJo champions of Key Stage 4. For a reward, the whole class was invited to go bowling in Huddersfield. As usual the class showed exemplary behavior and super manners, they were also very enthusiastic participants. A good time was had by all.








S9 Blog

W/C February 12th 2018

S9 have been working really hard this week.


In English we have been looking at short adventure stories and even wrote our own. One of the stories included a teacher who turned into an Evil Witch... I'm not sure where they got their inspiration from!? All the stories were fantastic though, what brill

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