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S11 Blog

w/c 02.11.20

Following an extended time out of school and a gradual reintroduction as part of the recovery phase S11 have settled back into their school routines and studies remarkably well. Miss Wood, Miss Addinall and Miss Painter are enjoying supporting both new and old students and getting back to a ‘normal’ way of working.

The students have voted for their class representatives to sit on the school council as Ambassadors. Congratulations to Paris and Jenson who are the successful candidates and Amina as the class safety commander.

S11 have begun their new timetables and pathway option choices and are quickly getting back on track to produce accredited course work. We have been busy making clay owls and clay looms with additional weaving.





P3 Blog

W/C 19.10.20


This week in P3 we have had lots of fun learning about Autumn and Halloween, we have been on an Autumn hunt outside to see if we can find Autumn leaves, conkers, acorns and even squirrels! Uzair had better luck finding a squirrel when he went a walk with his family to the local park.

We collected some leaves and made hedgehog and squirrel pictures with Mrs Maclean using the leaves to decorate them.

We have helped Mrs Ainge scoop out the pumpkin and designed faces for her to carve into our pumpkins.

We love joining in with our 5 little pumpkin counting song. We get to make lots of funny faces while practising our counting skills!

Finally, we have made pumpkin chocolate Krispie buns, which we enjoyed eating at snack time!


Have a good half-term everyone!

From Primary 3.


S12 Blog

W/C 12.10.20


So, it’s S12’s turn to take over the blog again and what a positive start to Year 11. We have really got to know each other, our class teachers and support staff well. We are super excited to become a full class again on Wednesday and can’t wait to start the KS4 timetables with so many exciting Pathways subjects on offer, sport leading, hair and beauty, ICT, bike riding and repair, GCSE Art, Ravens Retreat coffee shop, life skills, food, DT, music, crafts, Makaton and Arts Award.

The weather has been kind and we have certainly made the most of getting out in the fresh air to ride the bikes, play football and take part in resilience and team building activities.

In PSHE we have been discussing feelings and emotions our and looking after our personal wellbeing, we especially enjoyed playing emotions bingo!! We have also demonstrated our ICT skills by designing a healthy eating plate.

In English we have been making inferences from photos, recapping correct punctuation, as well as 1-1 reading and completing Lexia.
Hopefully, no one in S12 will ever be late as we have been recapping telling the time in Maths as well as money handling. Some of use even counted up our spare change at home too.

We have been keen to complete our home learning life skills activities and we are very proud of the things we have achieved. Some of us are now confident to use a washing machine, peg out the clothes, iron, do the vacuuming and some DIY. Some of us have been very creative without writing, maths and crafts too.

There are some budding chefs amongst us, have a look at the yummy savoury and sweet treats which we have been preparing at home.
We have enjoyed watching the virtual assemblies in CSI to see who the top DoJo winners were and we have had lots of 5 P cards for being positive, polite, proud, prepared and showing perseverance around the school.
We are looking forward to welcoming Mrs Collins back from maternity leave and are excited that she will be joining our class after October half term.

Mrs Horan, Mrs Briggs, Mrs Ramsden, Mrs Johnson and Mr Gallagher have thoroughly enjoyed this half term with you all. Keep up the good work S12.



PFA Blog

W/C 05.10.20 

Wow. What a joy it has been to be a part of the new look PfA at Ravenshall! The pupils have loved getting to know our exciting building and the many fantastic spaces contained within. We are sadly no longer located at the main site but still feel a very strong connection to our wider school family on Thornhill Lees Road. Nowhere is this more evident than with our weekly offering of bacon sandwiches. The care and hard work that goes into our weekly meals-on-wheels service is an inspiration.

At our Brewery Lane pod, we have explored how to keep ourselves and others safe in these unusual times. The Bespoke class has enjoyed practicing how to be good friends to each other without needing to hug or give a high 5. Check out the videos below for some ideas on how you can do the same. 

Every Wednesday our Year 12’s have been cooking up a storm at Batley Bulldogs. Pineapple upside-down pudding, hand-thrown pizza, pasta, and potato wedges are just a few examples of the culinary delights that have been produced. Pupils have shown they can use a variety of cooking skills well to prepare and cook a range of delicious dishes. 

If it’s the Great Outdoors that makes you tick; you’ll wish you were with our year 13 group every Wednesday. Whatever the weather they have been making the most of our surrounding green spaces. Orienteering with confidence, tent building in the rain and even helping Mr. Etchells to put up the awning on his camper van. 

In addition to all this, our groups have had a blast using the high-tech gym equipment at Kirklees college. Just witnessing the work rate and energy in these sessions is enough to make Joe Wicks sweat! 

As we make the finishing touches to this Blog today, PfA is alive with the vibrant and warm glow of yellow. We have spent the day supporting #HelloYellow to show young people they are not alone with their mental health. The activities and events of today could fill a whole separate blog but the photos below will give a flavour of what has been happening for #HelloYellow.

We cannot wait for our transition groups to combine next week, to continue all our hard work, and to feel the energetic buzzing atmosphere of a full PfA. 


S9 Blog

W/C 28.09.20

S9 have been very busy learning about British wildlife, especially trees, and common flowers.  They have done leaf and bark rubbings, made leaf Art, and experimented with watercolours to paint wildflowers and our local habitat.  Can you name a British tree?






P1 Blog

W/C 21.09.20

Its P1’s turn to start off the blog this year! We have had a fantastic few weeks settling back into school and getting to know all our new friends and teachers.
Our topic this half term is ‘Healthy Us’, we have been learning about our bodies and healthy eating by looking at a book by Eric Carle called ‘From Head to Toe’ we have enjoyed learning a song about the story and practicing all the actions.
This week we have enjoyed making collages of all the characters from the story, making our own faces out of fruit, printing using fruits and vegetables, and helping Mr. Potato Head find all his body parts when he got stuck in the ice!

















New Academic Year 2020-2021



S4 Blog 

W/C 20.01.20

Every Friday in CSI time we have a tea party where we talk about our week and our favourite things. We take turns in laying the table, serving the drinks and choosing cakes. This week is Chinese New Year, perfect for more tea!


S3 Blog 

W/C 13.01.20

Twice a week, S3 has a class breakfast. We all have jobs, a waiter to take the orders and deliver the breakfasts, food preparers to make the meals, people to collect the dishes and cups and others to wash up. We also have “snack time” three times a week when we all have some fruit. We use these times to talk to each other to tell people what we have been doing and how we are feeling. We all enjoy these times.











S7 Blog

W/C 06.01.20

S7 have had an extremely positive start to the year and even won the Dojo competition last half term! The prize was to go bowling in Huddersfield. We travelled there on the Ravenshall school minibus together with our teachers. It was fun. Joseph got two strikes, but everyone was a winner. Our class New Year’s resolution is to continue to work hard and enjoy our learning every day.








S2 Blog

W/C 16.12.19


We have been incredibly busy with Christmas preparations in S2. We have been enjoying stories about snow in English, working on geometry and measure in maths and in our topic lessons, we have been exploring Christmas. We have looked at how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world, we have studied the Christian story of Jesus’ birth and also, why some people don’t celebrate Christmas. 

We had lots of fun expanding our vocabulary by learning the words and Makaton signs for the song ‘Do you hear what I hear?’ We were filmed singing this song dressed up as shepherds for our whole school big Christmas film based on the poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.’

Have a wonderful Christmas from us all in S2!





S8 Blog

W/C 09.12.19


This week in S8 we have been making the most of the winter sunshine and taking our learning outside to observe all the changes in our local environment.






We’ve also been making leek and potato soup, peeling and chopping vegetables and of course, composting our peelings! We are learning to use knives and peelers independently. We also share what we have made in class, encouraging each other to try something new. Perhaps we should make a recipe book to share all of our lovely ideas.







S1 Blog

W/C 02.12.19


Wow! What a wonderful start to December… We are now fully in Christmas mode with the Christmas Craft Fair looming at the end of this week. Busy decorating our Christmas tree and decorating the classroom ready for the big man arriving on the 25th December. We have also been recording part of the Christmas video in The Zone. Each member of S1 worked extremely hard. We cannot wait to see the finished product. Jake was a fantastic Santa and really got into character.






We have been busy preparing some amazing tea light snowman decorations and some vibrant Christmas tree decorations during Drop Down Day.





A weekly visit to Play Gym, developing our gross motor control… who’s having more fun?


We have been fortunate enough to visit the Ravenshall Retreat, where we chose from the pictorial menu and we used real money and handled change. This was a lovely experience, thank you Mrs Horan and your wonderful team!






As part of spreading happiness around the school, we have teamed up with S7 to do reading buddies every other week during CSI time to share time and experience working with other pupils in school. This week was the first time we had set this up. It was a great success.






P2 Blog

W/C 25.11.19

In P2 we have been learning about Diwali. We enjoyed reading the story Dipals Diwali and had lots of fun doing different activities related to Diwali. 


- We made Diva lamps out of Clay 

- We used chalk to make Rangoli patterns outside of our classroom

- We made firework pictures 

- We made Mango Lassi 

- We had lots of fun making our own light show in the sensory room!















P5 Blog

W/C 18.11.19

So it’s P5 turn to take over the blog again and what a week we have had. We started the week by taking part in Forest School, we love Forest School, we get so muddy and wet whilst building dens, making fires and exploring the woodland area.  We ended the week by going to watch Peter Rabbit at the Showcase cinema in Leeds as part of the "into film" festival. We went with our friends from S3 and laughed all the way through it. All in all another super week filled with lots of learning, fun and adventures. 

Thanks, from all of P5 xx














S10 Blog

W/C 11.11.19


One of our students arrives at school each day with a huge smile and enthusiastically welcomes all S10 pupils into the classroom,   whilst helping staff supervise the corridors. She was delighted to be rewarded for her outstanding effort by receiving an Ambassador badge as a positive role model for others.





S10 were absolutely delighted to have a surprise visit by Primary 4 during CSI time. S4 had been given the task to promote a random act of kindness around Ravenshall. They brought juice, biscuits and a selection of football magazines for S10. Thank you Primary 4, S10 have thoroughly enjoyed reading for pleasure during morning and afternoon registration. Look out for S10 paying forward a random act of kindness around school over the next few weeks.





In CSI we have been reflecting on different ways we can show ‘Respect’ at Ravenshall School.  We have enjoyed discussing our ideas and role-playing different scenarios. We demonstrated our creative ICT skills to design eye-catching posters for display. We are very proud of the work we have done to promote ‘Respect’ at Ravenshall and we are sure you will agree our displays look amazing.





During CSI we have been developing our language and communication skills by discussing topical World, UK, local, sporting and celebrity news items. We have been asking Who? What? When? Where? and Why? questions as well as taking part in role play to hot seat and interview people from the news articles.

We have enjoyed our team building activities through sport on a Tuesday and our behaviour reward of football or creative crafting on Wednesdays.







P4 Blog

W/C 04.11.19


In P4 we have had a very eventful week back after a nice relaxing half term break!

The weather has been really miserable this week, but that did not stop us from doing our 1st Forest School session with Mrs Lewyckj. All the children donned their warm clothes and waterproofs and ventured down to the outdoor learning area which despite being slightly over-run with water was filled with loads of different resources.





Children in P4 decided to have a mega water-fight and despite the weather threatening to ruin our morning, the children took advantage and took the negative of rain and turned into a positive to have lots of fun with their friends.

That is what the children constantly do in P4, not letting anything stop them from what they are determined to do, they are fearless!

Some children took to making small boats to float on the water and some children made bridges and surfboards to help them travel across the water.

All in all, it was a fantastic day, that the children thrived on (you can see by the pictures) and we are looking forward to our next session next week.





S11 Blog 
W/C 21.10.19

S11 visited Crow Nest Park in Dewsbury as part of their work on finding out what things a family can do in the park.  We saw the lake with ducks, playing fields for sport, tennis and basketball courts, and play area and gym equipment.  The students explored the park and tried the gym equipment to see how fit they were.











P3 Blog

W/C 14.10.19

We have had a very busy half term so far settling in to our new class. We have been visiting Forest School on a Monday morning where we have been having lots of fun exploring the environment. This week we have been learning about Autumn and the change of the season. We visited the allotment to see the pumpkins that are growing up there and collected leaves and conkers on our way. We have also designed and then carved our own pumpkins which was lots of fun!






S9 Blog

W/C 16.09.19

The pupils in S9 have settled into their new class remarkably well. Miss Wood, Miss Addinall and Mrs Millar are exhausted as a result of their efforts supporting the enthusiastic newcomers who are now on the road to establishing themselves in the art studio. The students have voted for their class representatives to sit on the school council as Ambassadors. Congratulations to Leoni -May and Dominic who are the successful candidates. S9 are all looking forward to the opportunities on offer to them through the Key Stage 4 pathways and they have now begun work on the accredited courses available through their personal timetables.



P1 Blog 

W/C 09.09.19


Hello from P1!

We have had a brilliant first week back in P1. We have been busy settling in exploring our new classroom.  We are all happy to be back at school!

This term our topic is ‘The magic carpet’ and we are going to be flying off on our magic carpet and exploring under the sea. We have been busy designing our own magic carpets ready for our class adventures…













S2 Blog

W/C 24.06.19


Wow what another busy week in S2. In our topic ‘Around the World’ we have been visiting different countries, this week we have visited India. We have been able to taste Bombay potatoes and onion bhajis. We focussed on using our senses, what could we smell and taste. One of us was able to tell us that the Bombay potatoes were spicy hot, but he liked them. Another one of us enjoyed the onion bhajis so much he wanted more and more.








In cooking S2 worked extremely well we have made apple pie scrolls. We all independently used our cooking skills that we have developed this year including grating and chopping. We all thoroughly enjoyed them and even asked for more!

In assembly, on Tuesday we were the attendance winners for Key Stage three!


Here’s to another super week here in S2!


S3 Blog 

W/C 17.06.19

This week in S3 we have been celebrating birthdays, looking at how we need to look after our growing bodies to keep ourselves clean and healthy and investigating how we have changed since we were babies. This leads us on to preparing our three year 11 classmates for their transition into their post 16 education.









We have prepared them well –they have all been involved in making some amazing food (pakoras this week with a healthy twist!), we worked them hard at the play gym to build up their strength and stamina, and we have been focusing on our communication skills so that we can make our voices heard.







Although we may be feeling a little bit sad that we are waving goodbye we are excited for them to meet new friends, face new challenges and opportunities –and we have some amazing selfies to add to our wall of fame!


S4 Blog 

W/C 10.06.19

S4 Class Blog

Hello from S4!

We are having a fantastic time studying outdoors this term.

We have been reading ‘The Tin Forest’, talking about how happy we all are when we are around nature, and also how we can look after the natural world so everyone can enjoy it.







We have been improving our understanding of maths concepts in the forest too! We visited Oakwell Hall recently and had the chance to learn about mass, distance, quantity, time, distance, movement, position, size as well as counting, matching and sorting! Our activities included den building, walking and running through the forest, climbing, swinging, sliding and playing football.







We learn best when we are active and outside!

Thanks for reading!

Mrs Tunningley and the S4 team.


S5 Blog

W/C 3.06.19

S5 have had a brilliant first week back. We have started work on our new topic 'Save our Planet', looking at recycling and what happens to materials when we don't recycle them properly. We have set up our own investigation into what will happen to a variety of materials if they are not disposed of properly, will they 'rot or not'? 


Here are some pictures of us burying the materials, we will dig them up near the end of the half term to see if our predictions were right! 


We are looking forward to another busy half term of learning and having fun! 





S6 Blog

W/C 20.05.19


This week in S6 we have been learning about pirates. We designed treasure maps and Jolly Roger flags for our own pirate crews.





Team Work

We worked in pirate crew teams to complete an obstacle course. We communicated to help each other tackle the sections of the course and gave each other lots of encouragement.






We have been looking at position and direction this week in maths. We used Bee Bots to navigate around an island to find treasure. We used key vocabulary to help each other through a course whilst blindfolded.






This week have been sequencing, writing and creating comic book styled storyboards. Our stories were based on our maps and involved a pirate’s journey to find the hidden treasure.






S7 Blog

W/C 13.05.19

S7 have been busy welcoming our new recruits- four caterpillars have joined us to share their journey in becoming beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. This has helped us explore life cycles and investigate the miracle of pollination. Butterflies play an important role, along with bees, in helping us produce food to eat and to replenish the beauty of Spring. Spring has been very exciting: S7 have enjoyed observing tadpoles from our pond and have examined flowers under the microscope to observe the parts of a flower that help to keep the butterflies and bees gorged on nectar and pollen.





S8 Blog

W/C 06.05.19


During CSI we have been looking at our achievements over the last year. Everyone in the class has achieved something this year and we have celebrated it by putting all our certificates on display.

Everyone in the class has been a Dojo Champion at some point and has received at least one 5 P’s card. 5 P’s card s are given to pupils by staff for being positive, polite, proud, prepared and showing perseverance at some point during the week, either in class or around school.

We have also gained certificates for outstanding work in subjects across the curriculum and for making progress in Lexia.

This week we were also the winners of the attendance award and received a trophy for having the best attendance last week in Key Stage 3.









S9 Blog

W/C 29.04.19

CSI Puzzle Time

We all love CSI time in S9 as we get to spend quality time together as a class. Recently we have been developing our teamwork skills by using them to solve puzzles. In this game, the ‘builder’ is given the name of an object that they have to make using the shapes and designs on the cards. The other students need to work together to guess what image the builder is making. It was very tricky at first, but after lots of tries where we were resilient and helped each other, we got lots better! We realized very quickly that we needed to be good listeners and also ask good questions in order to succeed.







S10 Blog

W/C 08.04.19

Well, what a week it has been for S10! We have been very busy whilst also gearing up for the Easter Holiday.

On Thursday, we all had a fantastic day at Lightwater Valley which was the Key Stage 4 Celebration Day treat as a reward for helping the school gain yet another 'Outstanding' rating from OFSTED.






On Friday, we also celebrated each other's achievements throughout the term at the 'Role Models Assembly' where parents and carers were invited to see their young people be presented with awards they had gained through the term. This included two students in S10, well done!




We are very much looking forward to the Easter Holiday and returning again for the Summer Term, we can't believe it's come around so quick.


From all the Staff and Students in S10, Happy Easter!     


S11 Blog

W/C 01.04.19

We have been extremely busy over the past few weeks.

Our amazingly talented pupils have been very busy being brilliant role models for the school.

Two of our group, Haseeb and Joseph, were chosen to represent the school at the Commonwealth Day celebrations in London. They had a wonderful day and ‘did us proud!’

Two of our pupils have also been recognised as outstanding role models by achieving the Ravenshall Role Model Award this term.  Well done both of you, what a fantastic achievement.

Megan has just completed a two week very successful work experience placement for which she received a glowing report.  Well done Megan!

Our Sports Leaders, Peer Mentors and School Ambassadors have done a great job helping other students by sharing their skills and experience with the rest of the class being recognised both individually, receiving subject awards during assemblies and as a class, winning the attendance trophy – again!

What a class!





S12 Blog

W/C 25.03.19


Class S12 have been very busy this half term.

Some members of the form have taken part in work experience (working in a shop, a café, helping in school and supporting primary children).

We have all been designing and creating Carnival masks for an AQA Unit Award “Exploring Mask Making”.




P5 Blog

W/C 18.03.19


Hi, it’s P5’s turn again to do the class blog; it's gone so quick since we last wrote on here. This week we have been really getting to grips with our topic of Keen to be Green. We have been outside sorting out the planters ready for the summer. We really enjoyed getting our hands dirty cleaning out all the winter mess. So now they are ready for us next week, where we will be planting some colourful flowers ready to bloom. In science we have been monitoring our seeds and how they grow in different conditions, so far the seed with light and water has grown the most. Also, our caterpillars in the class have finally cocooned so we are waiting for them to turn into beautiful butterflies, we are all so excited and we are checking in on them every day. All in all, another really productive and fun week for P5.


Thanks from all of P5 x














P4 Blog

W/C 11.03.19


Drop Down Day was a major success as all the school did lots of fantastic activities linked to the theme of the day ‘A Day with a Difference.’

P4 found the day very informative and had the opportunity to experience activities that they have not done in the past. We started the day with a silent disco and all the children took it in turns to wear the headphones, dance, listen to music and try to get other children to guess what song they were listening to. This was a fun activity and helped children understand what it was like to not be able to hear what others are listening to.











We then did an activity with blindfolds and children were given a partner, who had to guide them around the school using verbal instructions.  We managed to get all the way to the can-do room and back without taking the blindfolds off.








Throughout the day the children were given a range of activities to help them understand why we are all different and how people adapt in everyday life. It was a

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