Ravenshall Christmas Productions

Celebrating Christmas in Style!




Christmas Performances at Ravenshall

Wednesday 11th of December & Thursday 19th of December 2019


Primary children gave a fantastic performance of the nativity The Goldstar Inn to parents and families on the 11th of December. The children had learnt to sing and sign all the words to the nativity themes songs, with some budding actors and actresses retelling the story through narration and acting out the story.


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In Secondary, our Christmas production was as spectacular as ever but this being Ravenshall School, it was a Christmas production with a difference.


This year we decided to do a film based Christmas Production! The idea was to include even more students in the production, and also include those students who don't feel like performing on stage is their thing.

The theme of the production was the poem "Twas The Night Before Christmas", and classes were asked to develop a performance idea based on one of the verses. Creativity is when Ravenshall School comes into its own. 

The production had everything from stop motion animations along with voiceovers (all created by our students), Christmas songs, dances and roleplays. The videos were filmed and edited by the Zone Team (Mr Hinewright & Mr Gallagher) and the finished film was premiered to the whole school on Thursday the 19th of December to rapturous applause! After this, we were all certainly in the mood for Christmas!

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