Ravenshall School attend the Royal Commonwealth Day Celebrations

Monday 11th of March 2019


Ravenshall School attend the Commonwealth Day Celebrations @ Westminster Abbey

Monday, March 11th 2019


Ravenshall School once again visited Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day, as for the 4th year in a row we were specially chosen to be amongst the 800 school children who would help the Royal Family make the day a huge success.

The theme this year was ‘A Connected Commonwealth' and involved people from all 53 independent countries who once again came together to celebrate the closeness and strong bonds we have despite being spread out all over the world.We walked passed Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and through Parliament Square as along with all the other school children from around the country we arrived at Westminster Abbey for the momentous occasion we had all been waiting for.






Seven pupils were picked to represent the school and they did so fantastically well, all children involved arrived bright and early dressed very smart for the day ahead. 

Once we arrived in London by train we were welcomed with clear blue skies and an air of optimism passed through the group about how great the day was going to be. 

We took a famous black cab which bustled through the busy streets of London to arrive at St James Park for a picnic.  The sun was shining and we managed to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather to eat our lunch in the park.








Once in Westminster Abbey, we had some fantastic seats (again) which gave us a prime view of the event to come and allowed some of us to be a regular part of the live television footage on BBC 1. One of our students was picked from all the school children involved to present a posy of flowers to the Duchess of Cornwall. To which he did in tremendous fashion as his bow was according to herself ‘the lowest anyone had ever done for her.’ He then continued by meeting and shaking hands with Prince William, Harry and their wives Kate and Meghan, while casually chatting away (as you do!).











The service was a truly spectacular event which involved readings linked to climate change and equality, while stars such as Clean Bandit, Alfie Boe and the B Positive choir brought even more added musical class to the day with fantastic performances.

The day was finished with pizza and all the children and adults chatted away about the day and why it was so memorable. We then hopped in a black cab to Kings Cross, where we got our train home back to Mirfield Station as everyone’s family happily picked them up at the end of a long amazing day.

See you in 2020 Westminster Abbey!!!!


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