Manchester Media City Trip

January, Friday 25th & Thursday 31st


KS4 Arts Award Trip to BBC Media City

Friday, January 25th & Thursday 31st


Since September 2018 two groups of KS4 students have been working very hard in 'The Zone' to complete their Bronze Level Arts Awards. Now they had the chance to compare the fabulous film making facilities we have at Ravenshall with those of a professional setting.

For Part B of their Arts Award portfolio called "Witnessing An Arts Event”, Ravenshall's Film Crew went to visit the BBC studios in Salford.









This year Mr Wright took two trips to Media City as he is now delivering the Arts Award to two KS4 groups. The first group went on Friday, January 25th, and the second on Thursday, January 31st.  

Despite a few worries about the weather delaying us, we made it in time for our tours and were just blown away by what we saw!










The students saw The Match Of The Day studio, along with BBC Sport and some real working BBC Radio studios. After taking a minute to pose with the Tardis and the Daleks from Dr Who, The Film Crew were then able to put the skills they have learnt in The Zone this year to the test when they got the chance to take part in a mock live recording of a BBC Breakfast news segment. With the Ravenshall students providing the links for the news and even doing a weather report, they were given an insight into the complexity of recording live TV and how timing is everything. They did so well that rumour has it, Dan Walker is now fearful for his job!    

After a quick lunch, there was just enough time to look around the Imperial War Museum before we headed back to school. Who knew learning could be so fun?








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