Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) Criteria

Ravenshall School’s post 16 provision is designed for young people who are not yet ready or able to attend a mainstream supported college course or other appropriate post 16 provision in Kirklees. These young people are likely to have already have accessed a Complex Needs provision pre- 16.

Students will have an EHC Plan.

Students will be accessing the curriculum at a minimum of Level 1, with an upper limit of Level 3 Entry Level.

The young person’s destination is Further Education and/or training, and it is expected that this can be achieved within the next 2 years.

Despite intensive intervention around the young person’s areas of need, progress has been very limited and there is supporting evidence to demonstrate this.

Students will also meet these criteria:

  • An inability to self-regulate to a degree that will enable them to function in a college environment
  • A lack of resilience to a degree that prevents them from managing independently in different situations
  • Are likely to have significant social and emotional immaturity, e.g. functions below 5 years socially and emotionally and there is evidence to support this
  • Extreme levels of anxiety that are evident day to day
  • Significantly impaired sense of social appropriateness
  • A lack of independent living skills
  • Unpredictable behaviour/lack of a sense of danger that places the young person or other at risk
  • The young person is at risk of CSE, bullying or exploitation in general.

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