Key Stage 4 - Secondary 12

Key Stage 4 - Secondary 12

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Class Teacher

Mrs Jackie Kilbride 


Teacher Assistant

Mrs Saeeda Ali 

Mrs Diane Johnson 


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What Happens In Our Class?

Welcome to S12.  There are 9 pupils in our class.  Mrs Kilbride is our teacher and Mrs Ali is our ETA.

We are a Year 11 class which means, as well as studying the core subjects like English, Maths and Science, we are able to access subjects that we have an interest in, such as Life Skills and Horticulture.

Most of the class were in Year 10 together so we know each other very well.  We make a great team and always try to support each other. 

This is a very important and exciting year for us so we are getting lots of support to make the transition into the next phase of our education. 

The School Day

Our school day begins at 9:00.  We are taught different subjects by a range of specialist teachers. We also have something called ‘Communication and Social Interaction’ time at the end of each day.  This gives us the chance to develop our communication skills whilst discussing issues that affect us and others, both at home in the wider world.


Weekly Assemblies

Our assembly is every Thursday. This is where we share news and celebrate achievements.

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