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Class blog: S3 - W/C December 4th 2017



S3 Blog

W/C December 4th 2017


Welcome to S3. We like to keep ourselves busy at school and this week has been no exception. Although Christmas is only a few weeks away we aren’t ready for a holiday just yet and are working very hard!




We have been cooking this week, making healthy party food that we could eat during a celebration. We chose a variety of vegetables to put on our pizzas and really enjoyed tasting them once they were finished.




In maths we have been learning about capacity using a variety of materials –we really enjoyed filling the bottles so they were full of different coloured liquids and comparing which bottles had the most and the least. Filling cups with rice and flour and observing what happened when we tried to pour them out led to lots of really interesting discussions that will help with our science investigations over the coming weeks.



In English and history, we have been talking and writing about past events. Some of us shared photos from when we were small and we all liked looking at photos of our teacher when she was a little girl –it was very funny.




We’ve also been using the computers to help us work towards our personal targets. We all look forward to using the computers with the touch screens and different keyboards that mean we can be more independent in our learning.


All this hard work is exhausting! Time for a sit down with a good book…



And finally, we are busy with our Christmas rehearsals and are practicing hard to make sure we can sing and sign our best when it comes to show time. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a…..



S2 Blog

W/C November 27th 2017


Wow what another super week in S2. In our topic ‘Water is important’ we have been singing and signing to the song “I Hear Thunder” We have explored our senses, by finding out what thunder sounds like and what lightning looks like. As part of this we have created our own sensory weather bottles, with lots of materials to represent ‘lightning’ and ‘thunder’, creating banging and crashing sounds to show what thunder sounds like.


Can you spot the lightning in the bottle?

Look at our beautiful lightning weather sensory bottles, can you spot yours?


In our Food Technology lesson we have made our very own soda bread. We worked independently to combine the different ingredients; 200g Self-raising flour, 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda, 200ml milk and the juice of ½ lemon – why not have a try yourself at home? (See method below).



In Maths we have created our very own Bakers shop, where we have role played using real money and real buns to show that we can work out different problems involving money.  We exchanged what money we had in our purse for an item in the shop.



As part of our life-skills lesson we put into practice what we have learnt from having our own shop in class – we visited Asda! We were able to go into the café for a drink and a biscuit and then into the supermarket for our fruit for next week.






1.       Set oven to 180°

2.       Squeeze the lemon and add to the milk-set aside

3.       Weigh the flour and sieve into a bowl

4.       Add the tsp of bicarbonate of soda

5.       Add the milk mixture to the flour

6.       Make into a soft dough

7.       Turn onto a floured work surface and make into 2 balls

8.       Put onto a baking tray

9.       Bake for 30-40 minutes



P5 Blog

W/C November 20th 2017


Hi Primary 5 here,

This week we went to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 3 as part of the 'Into Film Festival' project. It was so good, lots of other schools came too, it was packed. The film was really funny and we all watched it all the way through, plus we got to eat some popcorn and have a drink as well. Primary 3 also joined us and they enjoyed it as well. All in all a great trip and we can’t wait to go again next year!








S10 Blog

W/C November 13th 2017


S10 are working hard towards an AQA Unit Award certificate for kite making and kite flying. The children have produced their own kites based on traditional templates and developed these into animal or bird kites. S10 are particularly enjoying running outside and launching their kites (especially when Joshua let go of his kite and Miss Wood had to sprint to retrieve it!).









S12 Blog

W/C 6th November 2017


What a very enjoyable and successful week S12 have had! We have been working hard in all our subjects including our Communication and Social Interaction sessions.

In Communication and Social Interaction time we have been developing our conversation skills through discussion on various themes.  This half term we are focusing on ‘Celebrations.’  The class were able to celebrate in Thursday’s assembly with many of the pupils winning awards. Well done to Lucy, Zara, Chloe, Ameenah, Rezwana, Olivia and Toby for their fantastic effort and achievement.

As well as preparation for the AQA Entry Level awards we have also started to read “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis.  The class are loving it and have been excited to read a beautifully illustrated version of the book as well as watching a film version of the story.

We have also had a visit from the NSPCC this week, who spoke to us about staying safe and knowing who to turn to for help if we need it.  All the pupils contributed to the discussion, with a great deal of maturity.  Well done S12!









S1 Blog

W/C 30th October 2017


New Half Term, New Topic!

Wow another great week in S1, the pupils have all come back refreshed and ready to learn after the half-term holiday. Our topic this half term is ‘Water is Important’ and ‘Celebrations’, here is a look at what we have learnt this week.

Monday was a training day so the pupils had a chance for an extra lie in!

On Halloween Tuesday we went to a local play gym to get lots of exercise - we loved this. Who is hiding in the ball pool?






We also made ghost biscuits to celebrate Halloween.

On Wednesday we counted pumpkins and then decorated our own pumpkins using paint and sponges.







In Maths, we are using water to learn when something is full,   half-full and empty. We are singing number rhymes and our favourite one is ‘Five Little Monkeys’.


On Thursday we explored water beads in science and saw them change shape. The pupils enjoyed picking the water beads up and squashing them in their hands.  

We watched a firework display and then made our own fireworks using pipe cleaners and paint for bonfire night this Sunday.





We used Purple Mash in computing to take a photograph and put our faces on someone holding a sparkler. Who is this enjoying holding a sparkler?

In English, we are listening to ‘The Rainbow Fish’ story and are using signs to retell the story.

On Friday, S1 “readers” engaged in the book “Titanic”. There were lots of laughs as we pretended to be a big boat crashing into a cold iceberg.






Rocket flares came off the boat. I wonder if we will see any at a Bonfire this weekend? We have had an amazing week.


From all the children and staff in Secondary 1.







PfA Blog

W/C 16th October 2017

Welcome to our new Year 12 learners who have all settled in well and embraced the PfA timetable with enthusiasm.

Year 12 have proved to be very popular with Ravenshall staff as they make bacon and sausage sandwiches on Friday mornings which they then sell as part of their Work Related Learning and Enterprise Opportunities. Future plans for Year 12 are to make ready-to-cook pizzas to sell to staff following food hygiene training.

This year all learners participate in 2 gym sessions at Kirklees College Gym, again this is met with enthusiasm and some healthy competition to see who has earned trainer of the week!!

Life Skills activities take place off-site at Batley Bull Dogs Community Centre, both year groups decide on a menu, shop for ingredients then work together to prepare and cook their lunch. Over the weeks learners have been more and more adventurous with their menus; just recently they prepared a curry with rice, poppadum, naan bread, onion bhaji and mint chutney, all from scratch!! It was delicious!!

This was followed by a very competitive game of indoor curling!

Year 13 group are nearing the end of their first visit to Tong Wood, they have soon got back into outdoor mode, challenging and facing new experiences. On their last visit, learners enjoyed fire roasted jacket potatoes and banana and chocolate buttons.  Year 12 begin their Tong experience following October half term.








Class Blog – P4

W/C 9th October 2017

A super week in P4!

There has been some fantastic learning in P4 this week with our theme focusing on ‘Staying Safe.’ We started the day by talking through what we understood about how we keep safe and everyone came up with some great ideas.

The NSPCC then did a talk about safe and unsafe adults which the children contributed to really well and showed that they had great awareness of what is right and wrong. We talked about feelings and what we should do if someone is hurting on the inside and outside, which all P4 children showed great maturity in discussing.

P4 then demonstrated what they knew about the internet and they told me all the fun things they like doing on the computer at home. We then came up with ideas of how to safe online, we decided to use a nickname for ourselves instead of our real name when playing games with others, the most fun one we came up with was ‘Cheeky Chops.’

Brilliant work by P4 on a very important topic!





Class Blog – P3

W/C 2nd October 2017

Sleeping Beauty performed to a not so sleepy audience...

On Friday 6th October P3 and the rest of the school enjoyed an energetic and exciting performance of Sleeping Beauty by the fantastic theatrical company M&M productions. 

The crowd enjoyed cheering for the Beauty and her handsome prince, laughing our socks off at Silly Billy and booing at the evil Maleficent. 

We look forward to welcoming them back again next year for a performance of Snow White. 







Class Blog – S13

W/C 18th September 2017

What another great week! S13 have been busy campaigning to be school ambassadors. We had a particularly tense session on Wednesday when seven candidates entertained us with compelling and heartfelt presentations. Mr Garside really struggled to choose and we can’t wait to find out who has been selected. Look out for the update on our website…COMING SOON!

Assemblies have been very fruitful so far, with S13 taking the lead in winning Something for Nothing cards and Class Dojos. We are a competitive class and all eager to be the best we can be. Mrs Horan and Mrs Farrar-Smith are positive that we will be the first to win the Rewards Trip!

Mrs Hall and Mrs Ramsden have been working hard to create an amazing display board which we will use to record our progress towards achieving BFL targets and Dojos. We had fun researching “sports cars” and all agreed on our own vehicle. S13 are already in fierce competition to see who will pass the finishing post first! Please see our display below.



New School Year Starts Here!

Primary 1  - Week commencing 11th September 2017

Wow! What a first full week in school! Our topic this half term is ‘Healthy Us’, here is a look at what we have learnt this week.

On Monday we went to a local play gym to gets lots of exercise - we loved this. Mohammed really enjoyed climbing to the third floor to go down the big slide!!

We also made healthy fruit kebabs, learning how to chop fruit up carefully.

In maths with Mrs Ainge we are learning to count through the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. We are learning to count the different fruits.

On Wednesday we had our first enrichment afternoon with Mrs Wayman. She is helping us learn how to build with lots of different construction kits. We dressed up like Bob the builder with hard hats and high visibility jackets!

In English with Mrs Maclean we are reading the story ‘From Head to Toe,’ we like to copy the actions like the animals in the story.

On Friday we had our first visit of the year to the Donkey Sanctuary at Leeds for donkey assisted therapy. We were all very excited, some children got to ride the donkeys and complete some activities whilst riding around the arena. Other children took part in some groundwork with the donkey and were able to stroke and brush the donkeys’ fur.

We had a fabulous but tiring week learning!

From all the children and staff in Primary 1.




















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