The ROSCAS 2016

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The ROSCAS 2016


On the 14th of July, staff and pupils at Ravenshall School attended the second ROSCAS red carpet event.  


The ROSCAS stands for ‘Ravenshall’s Outstanding Screen Creation Awards’. 

The event was hosted by Ms. Jackson and Mr. Wright, with guest presenters Mr. Prucniewicz and Mrs. Tate.

It was a celebration of the best videos produced by the zone.  Video productions were nominated for 14 different awards from Foundation to Post 16 over the last two academic years.  In the weeks running up to the event, classes and staff were given time to nominate their favourite zone productions in each category.

Guests arrived in the hall after walking down the red carpet.  Many of them were dressed in posh suits and fancy dresses.  Videos of the nominations were shown, and the presenters awarded the winners with ROSCA Statues and certificates.

Awards were given to:

Best KS1 Production: P1 Old Macdonald
Best KS2 Production: P4 Hakuna Matata
Best KS3 Production: S8 Wuthering Heights
Best KS4 Production: S11 Wash 'Em
Best Documentary: S6 Time Team Special
Best Story: S12 Tricks of Mr & Mrs Twit
Best TV Advert: P3 Wonderfilled Anthem
Best Actor: Louie Oldfield S6 Time Team Special
Best Actress: Lucy Saville S3 Castle Adventure
Best Comedy Actor / Actress: Brandon Charlotte S4 Galaxy Advert
Best Dramatic Actor / Actress: Olivia Wortley S8 Wuthering Heights
Best Costume: Domanic Rangeley S8 Wuthering Heights
Best Music Video: Staff & Pupils Whip Nae Nae
Best Special Effects: Foundation Five Little Snowmen

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